The Politics Of Hitman


Almost every major company uses a statistics driven program to figure out “what’s safe and what isn’t” but really they are just weighing the cost of being safer vs the risk involved with saving some money. Car companies, airlines, none of them don’t do it. It’s like a trucking company that forces its drivers to use cruise control even in the pouring rain. It’s sad bc it’s really lives vs dollars.


They do, and that’s pretty much why governments introduce national safety standards (too many companies deciding that a few hundred fatalities per year are acceptable).

The general gist of Death of a Showman is that Clarence had basically ignored both the statistical model and the government standards in favor of the “nothing will go wrong” approach - same as he did when he invited Scoop to move in.

It made him more money, but he spent all of that money avoiding consequences - unfortunately for him someone was willing to spend a lot of money to punish Clarence for it and the world in general was indifferent to his demise.


I think often those regulatory standards are inadequate. The cruise control example is not made up. It really happened and people died and we still don’t have a reg against it. That one company lost a giant law suit so they don’t do it anymore, which is good.

As for Joey C, I have basically already resigned from this debate. I think we clearly see it from different views and I don’t think yours are bad. They are just not the same as mine. I’m not saying he was “Saint Clerance,” LoL. But I don’t know that he behaved any worse than donzens of other people or corporations do on a daily basis. For me, it’s difficult to see how he deserves capital punishment for- AND the idea that maybe he doesn’t makes the game more interesting to me.


As long as it is not one sided i won’t be bothered by it. But if it goes one sided then it will ruin the game for me. I’m here to play games not be lectured to.


Cost cutting at the expense of safety is the problem.


So in The ilse of sgail they have a conservative think tank as the big baddies. Which is fine but i just wonder if that will ever mention the authoritarianism of the left and their push for hate speech and societal coercion. From hate speech to antifa and the Refuse Fascism quacks at the protests/riots. Also the hilarious use of the assassination of Ken Morgan as an alt-right conspiracy. As if conspiracies never existed before alt-right. Using TinFoil hats would have been a better option imo.


IO are not against tin foil hats. The lunatic in absolution court room had one (=

That was probably the best non target level in the franchise.


You know, the 5 paragraphs that you show your disdain for the political left after this statement make me not believe you when you say this


and he looked like Tore Blystad, at least for me :grin: