The Politics Of Hitman


I think often those regulatory standards are inadequate. The cruise control example is not made up. It really happened and people died and we still don’t have a reg against it. That one company lost a giant law suit so they don’t do it anymore, which is good.

As for Joey C, I have basically already resigned from this debate. I think we clearly see it from different views and I don’t think yours are bad. They are just not the same as mine. I’m not saying he was “Saint Clerance,” LoL. But I don’t know that he behaved any worse than donzens of other people or corporations do on a daily basis. For me, it’s difficult to see how he deserves capital punishment for- AND the idea that maybe he doesn’t makes the game more interesting to me.

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IO are not against tin foil hats. The lunatic in absolution court room had one (=

That was probably the best non target level in the franchise.

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Woah, wait a minute… you’re talking about Alma, correct? I know she makes a phone call to her (sister I believe it was?) I heard that one…

But you’re telling me she actually talks to her daughter later?? :open_mouth: If so, I did not know that. Gonna have to see that


Nah, she calls her sister to speak to her daughter but I assume it is too late by that point. However, you don’t learn about her family at all until that call which takes quite a long time to happen. Usually most people have killed her and GTFOed long before that.


Hm. I remember her talking to her sister and she tells Alma her daughter got a part in a school play. Then she just says “that’s my girl” didn’t recall her speaking to her directly.

I do love the part where after the phone call, she says about Sean Rose “Firing blanks my ass” lmao always kills me :joy:

But her saying that gives me mixed feelings about her. I like Almas character, certainly a lot of backstory with her. She does all these evil things, having a guy, his wife and daughters kidnapped and possibly killed (under her orders) yet she has a daughter herself. But during the phone call it appears she loves her daughter, yet when she said about “firing blanks my ass” it gave ME the impression that she didn’t really want her? I don’t know, she’s hard to read haha


Yeah that’s the part I meant. She doesn’t actually speak to the daughter, she calls with the intent to do so though - And that’s the first we learn about her family life. I find that really cool, very nice little bit of characterisation for people prepared to wait around for it!


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I think it’s fair for her to love her daughter and not regret having her, but at the same time be pissed that the father lied about firing blanks. I know I would be if a woman lied to me about not being able to conceive, even if I loved the kid.

Side note though, fucked up thing to lie about. Almost… Well, I don’t wanna go as far as rapey, but heading in that direction.

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