The Politics Of Hitman


Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should do it.

There’s nothing that stops IO from having a pregnant rape victim as target with the rapist being the client. But that doesn’t mean they should do it.

So I don’t think we really need a controversial college mission, if there are plenty of other interesting locations one could us.


True, but some places that would be controversial could be interesting l, such as the Vactican. I’m sure that providence has a few popes/religious leaders in the pocket


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Ok pal,you obviously have an agenda


That’s almost too close to Antifa and all that kuffufle, that’s not exactly a hitman premise in my own opinion


This is what I liked about swind king in blood money. The swing king was kind of a victim of circumstance. He wasnt a bad guy I dont think. John Q called ICA and 47 was just a tool. I wish some targets were good people who dont deserve to die. It would emphasize that 47 is not human or to blame.


Penelope Graves and Matthieu Mendola say hi


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But the college doesn’t exactly add anything EXCEPT the political message, just like Abiatti is just a political allegory and less of an actual character


Yeah, I was thinking of antifa. What do you mean by hitman premise? Like larger scale senario or institution?


Well, I wouldn’t see 47 tracking down and murdering Antifa members for the ICA really, I’m sure it wouldn’t be the best paying job, it seems too amateur


I really don’t care about the flood of annoying edgelords and trolls that something like this would inevitably bring. Most of fandoms are nauseating bc of them already, we don’t need to poison another one even more. The way Hitman handles politics right now is just the right amount of it.


I agree, my point is to expand on the political characters, turn them from 2D to more fleshed out characters. Characters motivated by politics feel like it’s their only personality trait


Could i get an example of how you would flesh out Abiatti to be a more rounded character?


Also, major bonus points for the use of ‘gravitas’


Ok, so I’d say that the mafia, who it’s implied he’s working with, have blackmailed him to run for prime minister/president/all around top dude so they can have a greater foothold. His nationalistic policy is supported by the mafia as they can then deal with race based gangs. This could open opportunities where he meets with the mafia, who are listening in through the dude with the earpiece. Just little things to make characters slightly more sympathetic. Of course this is off the top of my head, and I could put together a more cohesive. Idea given more time


Oh, ok… ok… you mean like have a target be a serial killer rather tthan a politician …?

Never mind. Ignore this. I read your reply. Now i get it.


No, I mean have a politician who’s character is more than just ‘politician’. Could be anything, say they could be a nationalist running for office as a proud millitary Officer, when in fact they never served


Ah alright, just saw that as well! :joy:


This, totally agree.