The Politics Of Hitman


Nice idea.

A Mafia-like organization is being decimated by a crusading and incorruptible attorney akin to Harvey Dent from The Dark Knight. It’s made several sloppy attempts to assassinate him, but they’ve all been thwarted, and the DA has now tripled his security detail, making him impossible to get to. Not only that, but he’s become so high-profile that he’d be a martyr to the city if he were murdered, so the mob – in its desperation – pays a fortune to the ICA to solve its problem.

Enter 47, who infiltrates the courthouse/offices of the target and kills him in an apparent accident, disavowing the mob of all culpability.

I wouldn’t want too many contracts of that nature, but just a few would go a long way to reminding players that the ICA aren’t the good guys. I imagine they’d play all angles, cultivating productive relationships with powerful groups on both sides of the law.


No offence, but i’m glad you’re not a writer for the Hitman series because that sounds ridiculous and nobody wants to play that.

I’m doing neither of those things. You’re projecting.

If that’s so, then it failed spectacularly because I’ve lost count of the number of times the supposedly “emotionless” 47 used his better judgement to not only avoid being killed, but rescue his friends and do favours for people he cares about. The reason 47 is the sole survivor from the asylum is because the 48s were prepared to blindly follow orders and die for their masters - 47 has a conscience of his own and that’s what made him superior. Dogged obedience to a master never suited him.

A grimdark, super edgy, morally repugnant killer is not fun to play as. It’s also shallow character development. 47 has saved his friends and allies (Vittorio, Smith), felt guilt over things he’s done (“Killing” Diana), rescued a girl from a life of experimentation because he made a promise to a dying friend - And so on. There’s more to him as a character than a one dimensional killing machine and I want to see that side explored before we embark on alt-right simulator. Ok?


Does he apply them same morals to his job? Remember, he was still trained to be the ultimate killing machine, and coming from a socialist, having some iffy motives doesn’t make it alt right immediately


Politics and Religion. You’re inviting a fight :joy:


Yeah, I’m an asshole for not wanting to play a game where I kill Old Ladies so the Koch Brothers can build an oil-rig in their back yard.

What next, a level where we club baby seals to death so that Pepsi can put a plant there?


I think you can do that in goat simulator


Best way to test the waters, I suppose!


Nah, you’re an asshole for insulting someone’s writing/creative ability based on an off-the-cuff remark made on a forum about a video game on the internet.

You ought to check yourself son


‘47, your target is currently situated in a small treehouse, we have reports he is a…Goat?’


lol. An interesting debate, StanRobin. Be proud. :slight_smile:

You bear no responsibility for the words or opinions of others.


I am not insulting your writing ability, but that idea is terrible. I am sure you can do better.


Well you came off that way, and I am sure you can do better at not coming off that way, here and in other threads :slight_smile:


Of course man, and I must say the community has been pretty nice, you are all pretty creative (but make me jealous of your hitman skills!)


Ain’t no skill to it, brother. You just gotta know what to do. After that, its easy as pie.

Unless you’re @Fortheseven or any of these other speedrunning bozos :wink:

The beauty of hitman to me, is the WIDE variety of playstyles and yet we’re all deep fans. I don’t speedrun, but I respect that shit, because we all love the same game.


The ICA is clearly supposed to be a less-than-moral organization.

In the 2007 movie I watched a couple of nights ago, 47 murdered an entire team of innocent Russian policemen so that he could escape, and he’s pursued from start to finish by an Interpol agent trying to bring him to justice, an agent he was also happy to kill, and would have killed, had not the woman he was with begged him not to.

We see in the games that the ICA works with groups like the CIA and MI-6, but I don’t think CIA agents are sitting around going, “Wow, I love the ICA. They do all of our hard work for us.” It’s more likely that they’re saying stuff like, “I really wish we could take those arrogant ICA scumbags down, too; they’re just as bad as the people we’re after, but right now they’re a necessary evil.”


I’m practicing, I have to admit sometimes I do pop on a cheeky mission icon just for fun! Managed to get SA on the revolutionary though, so that’s something!


My Hitman skills don’t make anyone jealous. I’m better at speaking than killing, which is probably why 70% of my Hitman time is spent here. lol


ayyyyyy pretty soon you’ll be SA/SOing on Master!


For now I can only hope! :joy:


I’m still new to the franchise, so looking forward to going back and playing the older games, and yeah, writing about hitman is certainly fun, especially in a creative sense