The Profissional's Methodology Guide

One of my favorite part about old games was the small attention to details not in the game itself but in the extra. Today I was going through my collection and remembered this amazing thing about the Blood Money manual.


Unfortunately I can’t recall the last time a game developer/publisher did this, I wanted to share this with you guys, some might have never seen this and others will get a little nostalgia moment.

Give your thoughts on this old details and you think of them.


I really enjoyed reading throught the guide a few times when not playing the game. It’s a very clear and interesting guide and I think the new game needs one too. I do remember Absolution had this too, right?

This generation of consoles sucks in that regard. There are some exceptions like The Witcher but they are too rare.


oh, the good old days…i still remember reading this Booklet on the bus, after buying BM in the nearby town, totally hyped to play the game.


I have the manual from all my games from Xbox and PS2 era. Can you imagine having to explain to someone these days that games used to come with small books telling mechanics and story? Kinda like telling my nephew what a VHS tape was.


I so forgot about this one. I had it with my Blood Money copy for Playstation 2. Brings back so many memories.
Today you have to pay 30 € to get an artbook that shows past intentions.

One day we are going to see a post about the Absolution art book. I still got mine of course.

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So I know this is an old thopic but can someone take good pictures of every page. I have tried to find picture but with no luck. It would be super cool to print it out and read it :smile:

Also I found these pages with codename and contracts manuals:

Here is the cover for the guide: