The Real Singer of The Class?

Does anyone know who they used to sing The Class songs? I want to listen to more of their music if they have any and I’ve looked everywhere.

No clue on the IRL singer, but I’ve got the tracks:

Poll for favourite track:

  • Are We Stars?
  • Gun Show
  • Shine a Light

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Dude you know I already got them!! But thanks for responding! :slight_smile:

Also, to those who voted Are We Stars in the poll, are you crazy!? Have you heard Gun Show?!?!

@AlexNiedt did a cool interview with the voice artist:

There is also this article with some insight of the production:


I met Johnny Cruz at Hydra Comic Con a few years ago, he was one of their guests along with Keith Silverstein. I didn’t know that he played Jordon Cross, but saw that Hitman was listed under his voice work. So I asked him what voices he did for Hitman and when he said Jordan Cross, I lit up and was like, “You were Jordan Cross? That’s awesome!” We talked about how much fun he had with the role and I brought up how it must have been challenging because of the range for the character, like he said in your interview. But it was great! He’s a really nice guy (Keith is too)!

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