The reason why most people hate Absolution is wrong


Linearity is the least of Absolution’s problems. For me the story will always be terrible. I have come across many bad stories and many were worse than Absolution but none have had the possessive lure of sheer terribleness of Absolution.


I don’t even think it’s a problem, because in the end it isn’t that linear. It wasn’t a problem in C47 or SA, so in that regard I don’t think it’s a problem in Abs. Though with a few exceptions regarding a few cut-scene kills (Skurky and Travis), that was a let down.


Oh man, I’m sorry, but… I’m gonna have to disagree with you on that. I think all the Hitman games to date offer a TON of replay ability.

Maybe you’re just not used to the controls of the older titles (and that’s totally fine!) but how you can say they’re not that replayable I just can’t understand.

Players over the years have found many different ways of eliminating targets in brilliant and unique ways.

(For example; how you are able to take out the target in the limo in motorcade interception in SA… Or Vinnie getting run over by his own people in the limo. etc)

Not to mention all the Easter eggs and dialogue that have been found out by players, even YEARS after certain games release date.

If you don’t care for the previous Hitman titles, I can respect your opinion. But I have to say there is indeed replay ability.

Older games may not have had that many “assassination opportunities” that were in your face like current Hitman, but rather, the best kills were the ones when you thought outside the box and didn’t do a kill on a certain target the game intended. (Swap C96 pistol in Curtains Down)


Didn’t Birdie tip him off about her?

In the Terminus mission Birdie said
“So I asked my birds a question, and the answer came back in the shape of a name; Blake Dexter.”

If I’m not mistaken, didn’t we find out Birdie told him about Victoria, so Dexter would pay Birdie to reveal her location?

I don’t know man, I could be wrong lol I honestly can’t remember for certain myself. Maybe it was mentioned in Damnation. (I also don’t recall)


Well that was to find Blake because he was looking for Victoria. Given Birdie’s ICA participation is informal it is unlikely he had any prior knowledge of Victoria before 47 contacted him


Hm, yeah I don’t know then man lol maybe it was mentioned in the book. I did read it a while back but I can’t recall, I’d have to check again. But if that’s the case then that would explain it, as the book is an official prequel to the game.


My guess is Blake had some sort of ICA mole or bought information on the black market. Info smuggled out by a defector or something. If you are dead set on checking then do it but don’t waste time on my account.


A plot chart would be helpful. However, I couldn’t understand why Birdie was selling out 47 to Faulkner at the end. Unless Birdie is just a real weaselly piece of crap.


Sequels!! We needed money. 47 lunchboxes, 47 action figures, 47 underwear, 47 flamethrowers, moichendising!

Seriously that is the reason, they sequel baited. Which is always a sign of confidence in my book./s


I don’t hate Absolution, I think it’s better than H2016/18 (Except maps and gameplay) but it’s not a “Hitman” game. I think most people hate from Absolution because of it.

  • Disguise system fucked up, I guess everyone will accept that.
  • In ordinary “Hitman game” disguise=everything, unless you making SA/SO run. You take Hospital Director disguise to access everwhere in GAMA Facility, take CICADA Bodyguard disguise to access auction etc. But when you play Absolution, it’s turning into bullshit. Let’s imagine you’re playing Hokkaido. Normally, there’s few enforcers for Director (i.e a guard patrolling front of Director room) so it’s not totally god-tier disguise, but in Absolution since it’s unique disguise there’s not an enforcer so it’s have limitless power which I don’t like it. And CICADA Bodyguard, it would be totally useless since you can find a CICADA Bodyguard in almost everywhere.

Second thing: Linear gameplay.
Let’s turn to Codename 47, the first game in Franchise: In “The Setup” mission, you can explore entire asylum without limitations. And all of the sequels improved that until Absolution: excluding totally open-world maps, you have very small chapters which you don’t have very much places to explore (i.e that chapter which we took our Silverballers again, is that map bigger than The Setup? No). Even totally open-world maps are small when compared to The Setup.

Story was not that bad but it had some bullshits:

  1. Sanchez: Unncessary characther because “Hitman” is stealth game no “WWE 2K12” game.
  2. Betray of Diana: I don’t think Real Diana would betray to ICA because of a little girl. But I liked Victoria part.

That’s why I don’t consider “Absolution” as a “Hitman” game.


Absolution didnt just die - it was MURDERED!


Just to be clear… When we’re putting the word Hitman in quotations marks, is that to emphasize that it’s not “Hitman’ish”? As if a Hitman game should adhere to a specific formula? Because the characters in it alone contradict the notion of it not belonging to the franchise. Sorry (not sorry), but it’s there. Like it or not. No one’s disapproval of the game can change that.

Yet, with that reasoning, one could also argue that ‘Hitman Go’ is part of the franchise. :thinking: :sweat_smile:

Maybe someday they can make a reboot of it.


Hitman Go Definitive Season 2 Edition: The Sun Records Collection*

*With Signature Mark II colouration option


Arguments of this type -> “Your subjective experience is wrong” are inherently waste of time. Why is it so hard for some people to stomach? =D

You like it I don’t - Not gonna write 7 pages of why you are wrong for liking it.


He’s pointing out the common flaws in many of the arguments regarding Absolution, him writing a long post about it doesn’t diminish his points.


No but this statement does:

“the newest games truly lost out on something great by removing point shooting”


Paging @MrOchoa :grin:


i’ve read that Statement, but trying to teach how great C47 is to @SeanBernowicz is like trying to teach a def person how beautiful music is.


Deaf people can appreciate music. Normal people cannot begin to comprehend how C47 is the worst Hitman.:smiling_imp: Please note there is an imp emoji between these sentences.