The reason why most people hate Absolution is wrong


It is not exactly a betrayal we both know what we do and don’t like in terms of the series. You happen to like playing the hours worth of Scarface The World Is Yours that accidentally wound up in C47.


Annnnnd you blew it. No need for that shittiness at the end, mate. You just invalidated your argument with a poor attitude.

Yeah also this. Sometimes you have to face up to the fact that other people aren’t gonna like the thing that you like. And that’s ok, different strokes for different folks.


Oh I forgot to mention I really hate how 47 looks like he is a Plasticine model that has been slightly stretched.


Are you trying to publish a novel? When does it hit stores?


Maps are king in Hitman. Always has been. The maps in ABSOLUTION were among the worst in the series. The most confined spaces since Codename 47.

The least liked missions in the series have been the ones that were more like full on raids into fortresses rather than involving a situation of probable plainsight subterfuge. In ABSOLUTION almost every mission was like raiding Hayamoto’s Castle or the farm in Colorado.

The only thing I liked in ABSOLUTION was how the hero 47 played. I always knew that if the maps and missions got fixed that everything would be near perfect.


No. Aboslution’s disguise system is very similar to H2SA and Contracts. Except Absolution had a dedicated mechanic (instinct) to blend. H2SA and H:C just forced you to move more slowly around similarly dressed NPCs. So no, I do not accept that. The basic premise is the same.

The ONLY disguise in Absolution that is unique and does not have the equivalent of enforcers is the barber in shaving lenny. This statement is true of blood money for many disguises. Not absolution. Other unique disguises are chipmunk and samurai, and IIRC sure those are shoot on sight in their respective levels.


I hope it’s a joke. Except ninjas in H2SA not all of the enemies can see through your disguise.

You forgot Arms Dealer, Judge, Blackwater Manager, Dealer and more disguise which I don’t remember

I can run in Contracts whenever I want and don’t have any problems. But agree with SA


What? Most of them can. Guards in death of hannelore are suspicious of guards and patients. Guards in St Petersburg are suspicious of guard and meeting bodyguard. Normal guards in tubeway are suspicious of commanding officer and regular guards. What are you talking about.

Run past the flaming angels in one of their disguises. Or past the normal or red dragon guards in Lee Hong wearing either of those disguises. Or past the bartender in seafood massacre while disguised as a chef. See what happens.

Absolution’s disguises are consistent with most of the series except there is a dedicated mechanic for same idea.


They’re not seeing through your disguise no matter what like Absolution. In Absolution, if your instinct is depeleted front or enforcers you’re fucked up hard. In SA, you don’t have to use instinct (you can’t use it since SA doesn’t have it). Just don’t run and it’s ok except ninjas.


I can’t think of any situations where instinct is mandatory. Can you give me a scenario where it’s required to progress? Not trying to be argumentative. I am just curious to see if I can disprove.

Walking too close to someone in h2 gets you caught also. HMA, H:C, and H2SA are based on proximity to other npcs. So I still believe it is true to the most of the rest of the series. Blood Money being the exception.


This whole argument seems kinda fruitless and pointless to me. I seems to me both systems were useless but Absolution had a poorly implemented mechanic on top of it.


Waiting train to escape from Terminus. There’s police waiting front of train doors.

Death Factory. For example.

I don’t think Contracts based on proxmity since I was trolled NPC’s with Fabian Fuchs disguise by running and touching them. Also Absolution based on Field Of View. If enemy can see you then they can see through your disguise.


That’s because Fabian’s disguise is same thing as judge/barber from Abs.
Also when I have run out accidentally into Fabian, I was shooted by him and guards (I wasn’t holding any weapons and civilian disguise was alright). So touching NPCs could blow your cover.



Contracts is absolutely based on proximity and line of sight. The multiple situations I already gave are proof. Fabian Fuchs gets destroyed by every guard in the level if he gets too close to them. The only 2 that give him some leeway are the ones guarding the front of the sub. And you can aggro them too if you continue to stay there.

Fuchs gets rekt:

Death Factory no instinct.

Boarding the train in Run for Your Life (since Terminus does not have a train) w/o instinct.

I used it before hand to get the evidence only. Also Prenatual and Frolsa have both done run for your life suit only (including getting evidence) where instinct is not even a factor.

The people who complain about Absolution the most are usually the ones who have no idea how it actually works.


Are you still arguing about this? Face it both systems are completely whack and have massive flaws. So be thankful IO have found a disguise system that actually works.



The title is enough, it’s basically saying “I’m right, you’re wrong.” Not going to read a pointless dissertation on the matter.


2 reasons why:

Checkpoint system was unlike any other Hitman game before and since. You reload a checkpoint? All the enemies you took out previously are back again!!

Point shoot system. I hated it in Splinter Cell and hate it even more in Hitman. This sort of automated shooting doesn’t belong in these sorts of games.

My other reasons are personal. Absolution felt like (to me) Splinter Cell Conviction and not like a Hitman game. I want to state on the record that I still enjoyed Absolution, my feelings are more on disappointment on the actual potential that Absolution had.

(And BM isn’t even my favorite Hitman game - Contracts is)


I guess you haven’t played current patch. Because no, enforcers don’t work at all. Trespassing is entirely broken too. Nice try tho. Nothing works properly.

And if you are implying there is a tremendous difference… nope. Current is a combination of both implementations. And all are very similar to begin with.

So yeah… the people who actually understand the issue being addressed are still discussing it. Thank you for your insight. (I think?)


Jeez I was just trying the get the discussion back on something closer to the topic at hand. This is about linearity in Absolution and whether it is the biggest issue the game has. This discussion on the disguise system has overshadowed that I feel. You and Rieper will never agree so just let it go.


Absolution isn’t worth getting so fucking rude about. Let it go.