The reason why most people hate Absolution is wrong


Really?How do enforcers not work?
I don’t have latest patch



OP mentions disguises, genius. As well as a whole slew of topics IN ADDITION to linearity. Did you even read it? I did.

And are you aware people can discuss things, have different opinions, and still not be arguing? I guess not. That happens IRL sometimes too.

Most are passing it off as TL:DR, when it is actually a well thought out and well articulated defense of it. As opposed to Slash’s trolling.

Can you actually provide examples of why H2:SA is a flawed disguise system? Have you even mastered either game to know how they work to have a relevant opinion? Or know exactly why you consider them flawed? Please explain.

I asked rieper for examples because I thought he was misinformed. The ones he cited, I was able to prove otherwise without much effort.

Most who blindly bash absolution did not take the time to understand it. They basically said ‘well this isn’t blood money 2’, and abandoned it immediately.

There’s a lot of that in this thread. Despite OP actually trying to discuss it logically with valid points. He gets the sheep who are just reiterating all the things they’ve heard elsewhere.

Breaking line of sight of an enforcer quickly enough has no affect on the rating. What originally would have been considered ‘spotted’ currently does not count. Rating system is broken in a whole bunch of ways including that. Hopefully gets fixed.


I believe that trespassing doesn’t affect SA unless your status changes to compromised. That second enforcer isn’t armed. If you hang around, they’ll go and get an armed NPC.


The thing is that it’s pointless. People didn’t like it, end of story.


I didn’t pass it off as a TL;DR I just have other prominent reasons as to why I dislike Absolution and I have reasons as to why I dislike the linearity of the game and I have reasons as to why I dislike the disguise system. All of which are no more one less valid than your reasons for thinking they are not as bad.

My apologies if I have yet to meditate under whatever Bodhi Tree you sat under to reach your “enlightened” state. I dismissed the OP because he is being incredibly indignant trying to pass off a subjective opinion as if it was some objective fact when all it is is a more articulated but nonetheless subjective.

I must add you re being rather hypocritical as well brushing over my stance of “linearity or the disguise system is not the worst thing about Absolution”. If YOU took the time to read MY posts you would find that it is the story, characters and visual presentation that I hate the most about this game.


The first problem with Absolution is it’s grindhouse-wannabe-Tarantino-Rodriguez-esque tone combined with the story and lame-ass characters.
The second problem are the disguises. Everything else is actually good.
That’s why Absolution is a good game I just don’t see it as a good Hitman game.

And I will play it again when the HD Collection is on sale for 30 bucks.


Here’s my take on all this…it seems to me that Absolution was the result of the developers trying something new, something different with the franchise, but it failed because as you said, Blood Money struck gold for the series, and that’s what people wanted. And since Absolution did not deliver that, well it’s easy to see why so many people do not like Absolution. Me myself, I do not like Absolution either, and all the reasons you posted are pretty much why (story, characters, lack of a sandbox assassination gameplay style, etc.) It has been said hundreds of times, but I agree that Absolution, no matter how you look at it, is a good game…but it’s not a good Hitman game.


As much as I love it when someone innovates and evolves an artistic product the problem with Abs is that they tried to many different ideas and when they did have a good idea they executed it poorly. There might have been a way to make Hitman grindhouse (it would be a VERY remote chance) if they took the time and laid it out but they didn’t. It is the same with the gameplay too many ideas and not enough forethought and very little success in bringing about those concepts.

Even when you mentally replace all the Hitman things you still have a slightly above average game.


I just wanted to say “Wow”. After finishing Absolution I was tried to make no instinict runs but I couldn’t managed for Death Factory despite of playing easy.

Can I ask what’s the difficulty? you already proven that mission can be passed with No Instinict but I’m just wondering.

About Contracts, I was played “HD Collection” version in X360 and I could run/touch people with Fabian Fuchs without blowing my disguise. I even remember a SA video which player was passed between of 3 soldiers (You know, the room which we take bombs, also there’s three AK-74).

Look this example, in SA he would already died. He’s always running also he passes between three soldiers.


It’s on expert which is identical to Purist. Purist just has no HUD.

I’m not sure about any difference between console and PC which I play on. I just know from my own experience Fuchs has never been an OP disguise. The video you gave is not a lower difficulty. Maybe I will spend some time trying to recreate that to see what the difference is.


That’s because the system is bugged/broken atm. A fix is being worked on.


I could be wrong, but I thought that I read somewhere that the trespassing change was intentional.


Unintentional when they implemented the spotted by target patch.


Kinda like to see some people who need to get lured here by discussing older games.


The difference is the running. You said you had no problem running in contracts. Speed, proximity, and line of sight affect detection. Which is pretty much identical to Absolution. IMO they are all very similar. IDK why HMA has this stigma of being different or flawed. It really isn’t different aside from the dedicated mechanic for same idea. Instinct (in addition to the epic face palm) makes you move slowly past similarly dressed npcs.

The ‘tree’ is a few thousand hours with each game and the years I’ve spent dissecting the mechanics of them all in order to explain them properly to literally 10’s of thousands of people.

As opposed to guys who just type from their asses to feel insightful or relevant, but don’t really have any valuable insight at all.

But I forgive you.


It was intentional according to the patch notes:


2.13 cites same changes and specifically uses the word ‘unintended’.


Ok, I see what you both mean now. It’s slightly confusing because they renamed some things from spotted to compromised, making it sound more intended.


Ya, maybe it isn’t the best with how they worded it but they meant they like the spotted by target mechanic and trespassing and other issues were brought into the game due to the patch for that feature.