The reason why most people hate Absolution is wrong


Enough with hypocricy, people find absolution to be so linear but love hitman SA and blood money both of which are even more linear, some maps are terrible but yet again each game in the franchise had at least one bad or annoying level, the only games that have multiple ways to eliminate the targets are contracts and the new games, the other overrated two are just nostalgia kicking in


Wow. You’ve made some great point and actually changed my mind about Absolution. Thanks for the post.


Some fair comparisons with H5 to H1, 2 & 3 that TeenTyrant002 made but they’re also a big part of why I still don’t like Absolution. I started with Silent Assassin and despite the bugs and shortcomings with the A.I., I loved it. Not just for what it is but also what it could be. I feel that any videogame series should always strive to improve itself with each installment which is why I don’t like Contracts - sure it was ok to revisit missions from Codename 47 but all the problems that SA had are still present here. It wasn’t a step forward to me at all and would’ve function much better as a dlc for H2 rather then being titled and priced as a new entry. It doesn’t make any attempt to even try and capitalize on it’s potential.

Next we have Blood Money and it’s here that I finally see the series begin to move forward. New features such as accidents, newspaper articles, weapon and tool upgrades, distractions, more public locations and open areas shows me that Hitman is starting to hit it’s stride and discover how it works best. Sure it has bugs and the A.I. is too forgiving, making it the easiest game in the series, but unlike H3, it’s trying to make progress with the franchise.

And here lays one of my biggest problems with Absolution: It drops most of the progress that Blood Money had started. Instead of further improving and expanding what BM began, all the new features are gone and the gameplay is much more restricted because it’s forced to revolve around it’s story and the ends don’t justify the means. This is made worse by the fact the story flat out sucks. So when you say H5 is more akin to past games before H4, then that literally is a big step backwards. I’m looking to go forward with the series, not to keep replaying updated versions of previous titles.


Yes! Thank You! That is what I hate finally after all this time! All Absolution ever did was take two steps back for every step forwards. Here I though I couldn’t find anything else to hate about the game.


There was a time, after Absolution, that I genuinely thought “That’s it. They killed the franchise; there’s no coming back from this.”

Very happy that I was wrong, but Absolution can still eat a dick.


The linearity, the disguise system, the writing I don’t care how much it is like the old games I still hate the systems for the reason I hate them. If it truly is like the old games then I would most likely hate them as well. I don’t pick and choose when something is terrible and when it is not, flaws are not subject to ignorance because it is from a thing I like.


I thought of this too… then one day in late 2015… I saw this clip…

And all was forgiven. :slight_smile:


Alright but admit it you were still wary when it said “season” instead of game.


To be honest, I didn’t buy H1 until after all of the main destinations came out. I’ve loved Hitman since I first played Silent Assassin, but I wanted the full package.


I waited until Marrakesh or the Summer Bonuses to get the full thing.


Yes… but at the same time… I remembered:

  1. Back when I wished there was some kind of “Scheduled Content” for Blood Money. I would reinstall the game and initially be happy but then later feel bad that the maps always had the same targets… .nothing “new” ever happened to them.

  2. The fact that Absolution only needed map improvements to salvage it, but because of the SKU style… there was really nothing left to do once Absolution was boxed and delivered.

So “Seasons” felt like a 50-50 to me… It felt like an attempt to solve the two issues above.
But yes… I have to say that as someone whose first purchase was “HITMAN: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON” as soon as Hokkaido dropped.


Yeah I never hated the season idea but at the same time I still got all the replayability I needed from HITMAN 2. So even no I am still ambivalent.


For me, it wasn’t until I played the demo. I remember very specifically, the moment on that plywood yacht when I realised… “Oh my god, they’ve done it…”



Funny to see Absolution still making headlines :slight_smile:. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to read all text, but I can quick answer your confusion about “It was too linear, and did not provide the sandbox” from my perspective that didn’t like Absolution.

First I want to clarify that I don’t agree with the statement “what Hitman is known for”, which seems that most of your post is targeted at, but rather I would say what Blood Money was known for.

Simply put, Absolution had too many small sections that was about evading, either cops or thugs, point A to B, which led to a more linear game-play overall, especially compared to Blood Money. This, combined with a more restricted disguise system led to a more one-way direction and a lack of free-roam, aka. Sandbox.

The end.


Yeah you know you have made it when you have a plywood Ikea yaught.:joy:


You know what I mean lol. The disguise/enforcer system, the weapons, the opportunities, the controls, the presentation, the FEEL of it…


I know what you mean I like or love all but one level in HITMAN. That one level it think is meh. Do you think you can guess which one it is?


When a plywood yacht beats every level in HITMAN ABSOLUTION… :slight_smile:


Obvious guess, Colorado?


You goddamn right! :joy: