The reason why most people hate Absolution is wrong

Yes. Loved 5 and 6 for the same reasons. But I’m not about to open a thread about why people are wrong to hate 5 and 6.

I think I understand that the sense of enjoyment you and I got from 5 in particular exists in everyone (“forward driving action shooter”) but for some maybe their devotion to an idea about a franchise blocked it off for them.

Like you I don’t have a devotion to RE titles prior to RE4. In fact, I hated the ones before RE4.

So there is that. It would be interesting to learn how many ABSOLUTION lovers out there only have ABSOLUTION as their first Hitman title, and how many considered H2016 as an improvement. :slight_smile:

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are you high? 4, 5 and 6 are absolute garbage :joy:

0,1,2,3 and Code Veronica are some great Games, you should play those :blush:

Edit: i think we will never agree about Resident Evil :joy:


I think the first REmake is the best in the series, but garbage is pretty harsh for 4 and 5😂 Come on 4 was genre defining (Mikami doesn’t make bad games!) and tons of people had a lot of fun with 5 co-op play. I can’t even defend 6… lol

As for OP’s point about sandbox, I do think that Hitman franchise was never 100% about just dropping 47 in a huge sandbox areas like the series has become lately. I’d be okay with a few non-sandbox areas sprinkled in, but Absolution took it too far. Man I hated getting my cover blown in that game.

Definitely, I understand why most people hated 5 and 6. Yet the game offers a lot of fun and replayability.

Absolution was my first Hitman game and I can see improvements in HITMAN, but there are things I miss, the killing animations don’t feel as intimate and gruesome as Absolution and some are sped up (which is understandable in a game this large that requires accurate timing yet it’s a feature I miss), the soundtrack doesn’t feel that memorable, the gunplay is just not good at all, also miss certain features like human shield, dual wield, and removing your suppressor on the fly. Overall, HITMAN brings a lot to the table in scope, but I feel like Absolution gave us a darker and more intense atmosphere which I personally prefer over the spy thriller. I was all board for the mystery of the Shadow Client, but once I realized where it was going I felt like the setup had little to no pay off. Felt like a giant waste of time. Especially when HITMAN 2 openly tells you who the Shadow Client is in Hawke Bay. Who let that slide?? Unless you read the comics you had no idea who he was. And in the first 10 seconds of the game they tell you the answer. Wtf

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yes, but we’re talking about that unique experience where a fan either has no reverence to previous franchise entries or didn’t like them.

In my mind, due to how I imagined the promos and what I saw in trailers, I always thought RE was supposed to be “Doom style Zombie Shooter with Pretty Guys and Girls”. That such only became true with RE4/5/6 is sort of how that experience turns positive.

I don’t try to argue with “core” RE fans about it. Just saying we landed into the franchise by different ways and our “fan-minds” are wired differently.

This just like for people who love ABSOLUTION.


thats a great way of describing :heart:

i had much fun with playing 5 coop with my friends, i was disappointed with 4 and 6 is just impossible to be taken seriously.
those games are like Absolution to me: good Games that suck at being Titles of their Franchises. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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See… that’s the thing… I love 6 because of how ridiculous it was! It was slightly ridiculous in 4 with Leon hitting on Hunnigan and Ada…And then the President’s Daughter openly flirting with obviously overaged Leon as she clings to that hunk of digital machismo as he takes her on a jetski ride back to America! Hahaha! GOLD!

And then you get to 5, where basically Capcom flipped the rulebook such that now every weapon could become an infinite weapon with max damage! You actually got to the last level with enough weapons to arm all of Africa and more ammunition in your magnums than needed to kill 15 Albert Wesker monsters… except you didn’t even need them because if you focused upgrades you had Infinite Magnum before you got to Albert Wesker!

That was bananas.

Then you get to 6 with the really twisted globe-spanning zombie pandemic plot, capped off with that weird romantic-action story between Jake and Sherry… and who could forget golden exchanges like


or Leon’s “Welcome to the club, Jake… .You get used to it.” line upon realizing the RE family of characters just got bigger.

Hahahaha… Guffaw inducing expensive action film with jumbo jet crash, train crash, motorcycle and helicopter chases… giant monsters you fight with harrier jets!

6 was the ultimate! (for me). :stuck_out_tongue:

I really appreciate you guys recommending 0 and 1 to me… But if you read the above… what are the chances I just don’t like those two?

RE is a weird thing. We can like the same characters, the same story arcs, but not for the same reasons.

This is just like how Blake Dexter is a cool goofy villain for some people, or a crass stupid goofy villain for others.

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When your „zombies“ using automatic weapons and tanks, what’s the point in them being zombies in the first place? Just make the Call of Duty clone you obviously want to make so badly! :roll_eyes:


The fact that they managed not to do it for 4 to 6… and instead swam in this limbo of horror action sci fi fantasy will always be part of what made those three games amazing for me. There was just nothing like it.

But I’d never force ‘core’ fans to love them. I know what position they have to the core fans.

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Whoa, not 4. Don’t lump 4 in with 5 and 6.

This guy gets it :+1:

Ummm no they don’t. He’s still just “The Shadow Client” until the cutscene with the Constant.

Watch the intro cutscene of HITMAN 2. When the voice over says; “The story so far…” And the end of the narration it tells you the answer. I mean granted it was implied in HITMAN but damn was that anticlimactic. The cutscene with the constable just tells you how the Shadow Client found out about Providence, not who he is or his relation to 47.

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Take your own advice

Sure. Timestamp 1:09
“Neither know the man they hunt is 47’s childhood friend. And unlike 47, he remembers everything.”

Sooo you’re telling me that didn’t just straight up tell you who the Shadow Client is?

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Jesus Christ. I thought you meant his name reveal, that’s why I said it’s during a different cutscene. When you say “told you who he is” that to me means his name.

As a way to dovetail the conversation I do sort of rank Lucas Grey’s reveal and story close to “Leon’s Jetski Ride to America” in terms of how seriously I took it. :wink:


Lol no, his actual name and him being an employee of Cobb isn’t important. That’s just filler, the important part was how he knew 47. And they give it away in a few lines, it’s tragic because not only does it resolve the whole mystery of season 1 in a ridiculous and underwhelming way, but it also turns out to be super predictable.


To me,it’s also stupid Shadow Client’s voice actor does the narration for intro of the game.They should have used someone else

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john hopkins doesnt deserve this slander


I agree burn the heretic

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