The relationship thread

In this thread we can talk about our relationships.

We can talk about problems and also how to get in a relationship.

Is your relationship healthy or not? If you need advice, feel free to ask here.

This thread is not about venting, here you can also talk about your good relationship or how good a date was.


Continuing from there. Its good to talk man. Some girls won’t mind how you look. Some care how you treat them.
If you feel so insecure try doing just a little something about it. Go to the gym. Try boxing. It will give you a boost of security in yourself.
But this so far is the best advice when approaching girls


I don’t even know how to act dumb or so. I’m good at making silly jokes though, but making too many silly jokes is a risk though.

Edit: Thanks for fixing the title of the thread @Vinnie_Sinistra. Seems like my mobile automatically capitalized the first letter in every word there.


That’s your mind telling you that. Hey, I’m no pick up expert or anything but it’s quite simple really. Put yourself out there and get experience. You didn’t become great at a game with a single playthrough and you didn’t learn english after one speaking/writing session. Basically, if you feel like you have no chance, you probably do, but you have to get experience. Also consider that many girls are exactly like you and feel hopeless. If neither of you approach, nothing will happen but if you look awkward/silly in front of her/take the first step, some sweet loving is about to go down.

Good call making a separate thread. :thumbsup:


I look bad in beard. I have to gym more though.

I’m confident about my appearance, but like @Pissfloyd said, it’s about revealing what I feel.

Very true about joking too much. Another technique I have is find out what she likes doing or where she wants to go and do it. Like the last girl I was dating she told me that she doesn’t know how to drive and that her ex never teached her because he was afraid she will ruin his car.
So I saw an “opportunity” like the one in the new Hitman game. So surprise surprise I took her for a ride and went straight to a big empty parking I knew. I say get out, I went out too and told her to sit in the driving seat.
I teached her how to drive. She was very pleased and very happy about it. Any way. It worked, got my first kiss from her. After some days we went to bed but after 2 weeks she returned with her ex, broke up again. Came back to me then she told me she wanted to have fun for a while since she was in a long relationship. It was ok for me. I had 2 weeks of great moments with her. Still see her from time to time


In my country that is kind of stanard, but I don’t know on which level you mean. Almost everyone here agree that things should be equal in a relationship.

But there is also left and right leaning equality.

I get that you are just sharing an anecdote on a forum, and good for you that you had a good time.
but please don’t compare personal relationships to video game mechanics. It degrades the other person.

(I’m not saying this as an admin or as a rule, just a word of advice.)


Didn’t think it like that. I putted there like that to make it sound funny


All in all I think his advice is good. Listen on the other person and find out what he or she likes. When you know what he/she likes you can probably find an opportunity.

Yeah I took it as a silly joke :smiley:


You should have known that ampburner lacks the ability to comprehend humor.

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Relationships huh? Hmm :blush: there may be someone i’m gonna introduce to you guys soon… from Sims 3.

Fuck my life…

You’re free to talk about how you’re not able to get into a relationship also. Maybe need advice from someone (not me :smile:) @Pissfloyd maybe?

Haha I kid you not we already had a fairly extensive talk about life and what not.

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Alright… i can’t and never will be able to get into a relationship because i’m socially and emotionally retarded loser human bean.

Dude! Remember your first priority! You’re not socially or emotionally retarded, seriously I stand by my words.


Don’t worry. You will find her, or she will find you

Nah dude… i’m being completely logical, cold and non-hostile to myself when i say this. I am socially AND emotionally retarded. Seriously, like literally and stuff…

Maybe you think so but you’re not. Please consider doing the stuff we wrote about yesterday, I’m certain it would be very helpful.


inb4 Mad’s gf walks in on this.

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