The Remedy Games Thread

I mean at the very least we got further elaboration on the various escape attempts Alan did before AW2. And some Mr Door lore.


I still havent gotten around to playing the DLC, even though they’d just be relatively unconnected standalone episodes from the main story, and I also have my Final Draft playthrough looming over me, but…

I think I can get two birds with one stone!
You can access the episodes from the Main Menu, but also, you can come across ways to get into them in the main game! (Final Draft only it seems)

Seems like the Lake House DLC might function similarly if we’re allowed to take a side-quest detour as Saga through the blocked-off-gate at Cauldron Lake later…

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Pre-orders for the LRG Collector’s Edition are now open.

Seems the regular physical edition for the game is finally being posted on retailers sites for pre-order too.

Up here in Canada? 110$ :grimacing:

I love the game, I might get it, but wow, pricey.
I don’t need AW 1 Remastered bundled in, but I assume that might contribute to some of the higher price too