The Resort (Expansion 2 Location)


@cakeblock941 made a similar thread about the bank so I figured I’d start one for the resort.


Judging by the image id say this looks like somewhere in the Carribbean


I just wanna drowned someone in the swimming pool




If not I am going to burn something. No, for real now, it really would be great if we could see the photographer return, as he had an interesting part in the trailer.

Also, if people suggest we should get a payday easteregg because its a bank that gets robbed, I want an dead island easteregg in this location. :smiley:


The Photographer was the early version of Jordan Cross as far as i remember


I wouldn’t get your hopes up for the Photographer, just saying.

If they wanted, they could make this a really big and awesome map, based on the size they pick for the resort itself. But I don’t think they will. I think 15 Level mastery, with the resort-proper being a series of huts where the guests stay, as opposed to a single building 4-star hotel (Himmopan style). I imagine majority of the action will take place in the non-residence parts… the beach, the scuba diving, the boat areas, the restaurant and massage areas… all those type of activities.

I’m holding out hope that I’ll be able to make a few decent sniper contracts out of this map, so hopefully there are some high vantage points overlooking the beach and resort.

For some reason I don’t want it to be the Caribbean, and I’m still holding out hope for north-eastern Australia, but I don’t think that’s the case. The main point is I just hope it’s not Hawaii since we’ve already had plenty of USA maps.


Also true, they could do so much in there, if they wanted. I do hope that it will not be some “generic resort” for everyone, I hope it will be some luxury global elite kind of stuff again, like Hokkaido.

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Might as well be the Seychelles :sunglasses:

I hope 47 can pose as some kind of surfing or diving instructor or maybe a tour guide, would love to see that :grin:


Just like the yoga dude in Hokkaido? That would be really cool.

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Yeah, that’s what I had in mind :smiley:


Default starting location of 47 sitting at a straw hut bar right on the beach, enjoying a [insert appropriate cocktail].


use this image for the op


you know the truth so tell us please


I was sort of surprised the Bank’s coming first, considering much more of the disguises on this list look complete. On the Bank list every single one is just a reused asset I’m pretty sure, on this one tmost of them are actually new and we’ve never seen them before.

Also, I think the weird resort staff hat pretty much rules out this taking place in any western country :frowning:

Do you have the full .jpg of that disguise, Cake?


i was pretty surprised too. not to mention the Bank image looks like concept art, while the Resort image is an actual in game screenshot. i wonder what’s up with that

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TBH I actually thought it was the opposite way around… Resort image looks like a wallpaper taken off Google images :stuck_out_tongue: I actually had to spend a few minutes figuring out if it was the game or not


@Notex might be able to provide the full image of resort staff


Same. :smiley:

Also, what might be the unlocks, are there any unused assets in the game? Or leaks I missed? Also; am I the only one who is really looking foward the start suit of the resort and bank as an unlock for all missions, with an elusive? I bet the resort will be like Miami/Sapienza, but I hope the Bank will give us a really nice suit, a bit like Wittleton or Mumbai, or Marrakesh.

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