The Resort (Expansion 2 Location)


If he’s gonig to be used at all. :wink:


the censor is being used as an ET btw


Does The Censor work for Russia?


Is there a leak I missed?




I am only sure about Miami, not sure about the others to be honest. I feel like every hitman 2 map is so limited because their design is so heavily based on the main mission, that it will hard to fit anything else in there. Thats why sapienza worked so well in HITMAN 1. If they do something like that, like landslide or the icon, I would love Wittleton, but I fear it will not be like that.


i wouldn’t say the map design is heavily built around the main mission. it’s just that they utilize the map a lot more in the main mission for H2


Do you have a link and 20 characters?

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we have a super small scale silhouette that doesn’t really show anything


For each mission, you could be right, but in comparison to season 1, they are not that open. Miami will only work with a race going on, Hawkes Bay is almost to small to work in everything else than an infiltration mission, santa fortuna and wittleton are open, but mumbai and sgail dont allow much redesign or “big event stuff” going on, as they are dense and full with buildings and stuff to interact with. I really wonder what they will come up with in santa fortuna and mumbai, but I hope it will be nighttime. In season 1 we have nighttime and daytime for almost all locations, I hope we will have that too.

Also, what if we get a bonus mission in the dlc locatios next year? That would be awesome. At least in theory, as we still dont know how good the maps will be.


Doesn’t matter. I still would like to see it. :slightly_smiling_face: If you want you can’t send me a PM with the link/image.


hey, when you get that image, can you PM me it too? i’m trying to keep up with all the leaks


I disagree, race course areas are frequently used for other things in the off season; one suburb away from my house the horse racing track (And by track I mean venue, not the actual track) has been used for a pop-up water slide park, it’s hosted a circus type thing with the giant tents, it’s had a temporary amusement park, it’s used for car enthusiast showcases (I forget the correct term), it can be used for Sunday markets. Look at the Miami map, all the fencing and 2/3 of the buildings are temporary structures, they’re made to be taken down in the off-season. There’s plenty they could do with Miami in a bonus mission.


The Cook Islands (near AU and NZ)?


Worth remembering when discussing bonus missions that the ones we got in the previous game generally focused on just one area within each level. So a Miami bonus mission could well focus on the convention center and waterfront area, and leave the race area aside.

The little thumbnails they’ve shown us suggest Rangan’s tower in Mumbai and the fishing village in Santa Fortuna will feature in those missions.


I’m pretty sure that The Resort is located in Finland, near the Russian Border

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I see your arguments there, but you have to keep in mind what we got in season 1. Of course, they have been free, but they also had more money for hitman as a whole. The most “advanced” bonus stuff we got was said movie set and the concert. All other missions feature little to no additions, or assets from other locations or more/different npcs. If they can choose between reworking the entire miami map to remove the whole setup and add indoor places (we dont actually enter anything that isnt placed there for the race, keep that in mind) and creating a whole new location, we can guess what they will do. Thats why they dont waste ressources at creating sandbox levels out of the sniper maps, because they would need to work on far to much. Santa Fortuna, Wittleton on the other hand have enough space to actually create another event, so that they will not need to rework much. Thats why my bets are set for Wittleton and Hawkes Bay or Sgail, even if I hope that they will be do something with miami, at least something seasonal or similar.

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As far as Bonus Missions go, there’s also the possibility that we’re going to multiple bonus missions on the same map. The first mission seems to focus on the tower, so another bonus mission could take place in the slums.

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At no point did I say they’d be making indoor areas, if they do a visiting amusement park/roadshow all they have to do is delet the paddocks and fencing leaving a giant empty cement pad between the stands and the garage building, they then just put in different temporary fencing, and of course all the different rides, little stalls, booths, etc. It would be an almost entirely outdoor map, like that area currently is in Miami. Doesn’t require them to make any new buildings at all, nor rework the entire map.

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Thats a good point. I just think that what we got in the icon with the whole set is the maximum on “level recreation” we can expect. But I dont want to degrade anything, their skill nor your ideas, I am really curious to see what they will come up with, maybe they will surprise us all and the two yet unannounced bonus missions are legacy bonus missions, a continuatin of patient zero, or bonus missions for the dlc/sniper maps? Who knows, at this point, I think noone can really guess what IOI is doing. :smiley: