The Saints Fanart

Hi, everyone!

I think the Saints are very cool characters and I’m here to share some works I did about them!
I’ll be preparing more images because I intend to do a webcomic where they will appear, so when these images were done I’ll be posting here too!



One more post, because I just can send one image per post.


Very nice mate. I like them too and your artstyle is cool. Cartoony but tight. Keep up the good work…

Thanks, man, glad you liked!

Yeah, I’m doing a style cartoony but I don’t want it to look too much like Disney, I want another mood.

Moving forward!

Very nice, my friend. These look great! I’d like to see even more by you :grinning:

Do you take requests? (I have some lol)

Also, welcome to the forum!

Some fan art of Clera from Graveyard Shift would look awesome, especially if you got her cheek bones just like they look in the game

Clera was never shown, she was a voice, just like Diana. What are you talking about? :thinking:

Thank you for the welcome and it’s nice you liked the works until here, Piano Man!

At the moment, alongside my regular work, I’m involved in a long freelance work too, but I can take some short requests too, especially if the deadline is not too tight!

Just send me an email and we can talk about it!
[email protected]

I was just goofing around with ya

Love the art btw @careca47

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Thank you, Max! :+1:

Hey, guys here is one more development image for the webcomic.
While I do a crude sketch of the story (I’m not writing a script for it), I’m doing at the same time these model sheet images for each Saint member. I think I’ll follow this finishing for the strokes, colors, and this vinyl material they use in some part of the clothes.

Click on the image to see it better!


Hi, everyone. Here go another model sheet, this is the turn of the Jennifer Paxton.

Just click on the image to see it better!


All right, guys, let’s go to the next Saint, Heather McCarthy! The coffee girl!


All right, here we go for the Saints captain! LaSandra Dixon.
To see the image better, just click on the image.


Well this style reminds me of the kind of drawings they actually do at Disney… when none of the bosses are looking. :smiley:

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Haha! These expression studies make looks, even more, the Disney style!

Anyway, let’s see if when I do the finishing of the comic panels will look more something like the comic’s style!

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So the story is about The Saints themselves? Like a 7 girl version of DANGER GIRL?

Hmm… I think not, because I never read Danger Girl, just saw images, but the story will be with the Saints and with characters created by myself.

As a simple synopsis: the story resembles a bit with “Inception” but without all that scientific theory behind, basically it will be a nightmare of The Saints, where they are dreaming a mission where everything goes wrong, my characters will be in the middle of the trouble with them.

Since the beginning, who will be reading the story will know everything is a nightmare.

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Wow. That sounds very high concept, and it reminds me of those “everybody dies” kind of action films (See: FANTASY MISSION FORCE (1983), and ISLAND OF FIRE (1990)).

Hehe… I really didn’t see these movies to compare, but let’s see if is something like you expect…

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