The Shaman Shenanigans - Feb 2019 Challenge Pack


The new challenge pack is out bois

Includes five unique challenges:
The Altar Ritual - Fibre wire someone in the altar cavern
The Hallowed Ground - dump 3 bodies into the pit in the construction site
The Divination - Poison 5 people
The New Concoction - Find 1 spaghetti, 1 rat poison, 1 poison frog and 1 glue
The Healing - Eliminate 10 different cocoa field guards while they are among the cocoa field crops

All while disguised as The Shaman, and you’ll unlock the “Shaman Powder” for beating it.


The unlocks not that great, but can’t complain, would’ve been better if it was silent


I was said that it has about 10 meter sound radius detection when throwing it at someone out in a place like the cocoa fields


Tried the shaman dust, it’s basically a nitroglycerin reskin (but non-lethal) , makes a lot of noise, a bit disappointed. It says silent takedown on impact but there’s nothing silent about it.


Ha ha ha… I love that I could knock out five people in one blast and the guards will be like “Oh so you are the magician”. I love it!:joy:


Yeah its quite fun to use, especially in crowds, but for practical use a normal knockout is still preferable, using this in an enclosed room still attracts people nearby.


That is strange because it’s supposed to be silent and even when using the concussion duck, it will go unnoticed and won’ attract a npc that’s right outside of the room


You sure about being a nitroglycerin reskin? Does it blow up if you drop from inventory?


Just used it on the guards at the mansion gate in sapienza, it attracted all the guards at the door


They can see you. Did it attract them by the sound or noticed crime


So that means it’s worse than the concussion duck and devices


Sound, because i tested with remote concussion duck and that didn’t attract them


That’s a dissapointment


When it said powder i was just hoping it would be quiet, as you think powder would be


It should’ve been as silent like this…with larger radius ofc

But not only is it like a concussion device, it’s even more louder then any concussion device :expressionless:


Where’s the sauce for the collection challenge? Never found it before.


The Altar challenge doesn’t seem to work for me, I fiber wired the guard next to the entrance about 5 different times right in front of the Altar (past the puzzle), never counted. I even got the other guard to get there on a same try, and killed him as well but nothing. Any of you guys that completed it could explain how you did it?


Oh god damn it, I completely had forgotten about that room. Thanks!


Is this just a “The Big One” reskin?

I was hoping it’d act in a similar manner to the chloroform bottle


no, the Big One is nothing close to either