The Shaman Shenanigans - Feb 2019 Challenge Pack


This looks awesome :joy: can’t wait to try it out, can’t be taken seriously though can it haha


Of course it can, especially in contracts. KO an npc with this (and hide body) and lure or scare a target with the noise.

Gotta start thinking out of the box when it comes to gear. Don’t think so linear.


This was a cool challenge but the reward is more a fun item rather than an usefull for a strategy.

-Shaman Powder is a concussion granate reskin, which explodes imediantly when it touches a surface
Here are some features and uses i found so far:


-Powder has a blast/sound radius of C4
-Powder locks on heads
-Powder can ignite gas, cars, scooters
-Legal to place and drop
-Suspicious to throw
-Can be placed and shot

I could well imagine that IO points out some secrets/hidden details behind the actions you have to make in this challenge.
For example: Could it be possible that the 4 items you have to collect are a recipe to build a shaman powder or another item? Or maybe a fifth item is required or something…:thinking:


I was referring to the way it can be used in the game, more to the fact of what it is.


That must be some explosive-ass powder to make such loud noise. Given that it was described as a “silent takedown upon impact”, I’m wondering if the loudness of it is a bug


I was hoping for something more silent on impact . Oh well, at least we still have concussion duckies and devices. Seriously, what a wasted potential.


It’s ok if it makes a loud noise and attracts guards, you just gotta be fast af boi when exiting. Also, we need more content in a faster rapid way. Having to wait weeks for new content is pathetic


Did I say I’m not? I simply am saying we need more faster content, what don’t you understand about that?


Stop riding ioi please, thanks. Mic drop


That alone, these days, is worthy of appreciation.

Come on now, don’t make that bullshit your argument.


That’s the thing, I’m not trying to argue Sherlock. I simply stated my opinion and that’s it


Pics up mic

We get more than enough FREEEE content every month. Go show me another company that does this EVERY MONTH?

So stop shitting on IOI. Thanks.

Drops mic


Comedy Central over here lol. Dude how hard is it to understand that I believe we need more rapid content? Instead of waiting weeks upon weeks with nothing to do in game? I don’t care much about getting all the challenges and stuff, and the challenge packs are so quick and easy.


SO you complain about having nothing to do but you don’t actively participate in the live content like contracts?

Guys just flag em all and let God sort em out.


Chooses to eat dog shit, complains about the taste.


For example we should’ve gotten the challenge pack plus featured contracts yesterday on Valentine’s Day, instead of having to wait and extra week for them. Like it’s not enough for me personally


Thanks for the kind words mate! 10/10


Did all the challenges in one playthrough. Kind of fun, though I would’ve preferred to not have to kill 10 guards for the one challenge. It sort of wore out its welcome.

As others have mentioned the powder seems to be a concussive grenade reskin that explodes on impact. Might be fun for roleplay runs, and may have one or two good applications (though I don’t know what yet).


I agree. I don’t bother with the shitty challenges either. I didn’t get the Santa suit. I didnt get the fishing line. I get it. But they send out something new pretty much EVERY WEEK. Whether it’s featured, or an escalation, or an et or a challenge pack, there’s always something there. Is it IOIs fault that you zip through them in 20 mins? Eventually we’ll get new maps/missions. But seriously, relax. The game has been out for 3 months. And I think we are getting tons of content as is, way more than we got in season one before the roadmaps were being released.


Another immersion breaking overpowered item
Weapon balance is getting fucked up more and more