The Shaman Shenanigans - Feb 2019 Challenge Pack


Yeah same here dude, I didn’t care for the Santa suit. Fishing line etc. can’t be really bothered. I just feel like we should receive more content then just a simple challenge pack. That’s it


Then don’t use it then? I mean you already have the basic normal items. Let IO have fun with their bonus weapons.:grin:


But if I can use that shit to make tricks that were not possible before, how can I refuse?
Its Like concealable baton and fish.
I’m glad they made the shaman powder very loud. Otherwise, it would have been horrible.
Its good to have fun and messing around
Hitman is a game that uses items smartly in limited situations
I prefer more clever, well balanced items
We already have enough silly and reskin shits


The loud explosion it makes can’t be right. Even things that should be loud are silent. :crazy_face:

I did enjoy the challenges this gave. I was thinking there’d be a can of spaghetti in Rico’s mansion. Nope. :smile:


Done all the challenges, the last one were you have to kill 10 guards in the Coca fields I’m struggling with? For some reason they don’t register?

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? :see_no_evil:


So did i :smile: so i googled it haha


OMG this is sooooooo fun. Dumping 5 bodies in the Isle of Sgail was sooooo NOT FUN… dumping 5 bodies in Santa Fortuna was FUUUUUUN


The game is out and complete. What a weird complaint. They are focusing on the expansion development as they should. Sounds awfully entitled to complain they are not making enough free content when we’re talking about a single player game with no microtransactions.


1 challenge pack per month, 1-2 escalations per month, 10 ft. contracts per month (all though it’s not that difficult to put in, it’s still good and even better with the unlocks), 2 ETs per month (if they go with releasing every S1 ETs) and we recently had the Snow Festival mission

For February we are able to unlock 5 items/suits (including the 5th if Hawkes Bay ET includes the suit)
Thats good enough for me :grin:


I just say it how I see it tbh. For me this is very little content not enough at all


They said it’s “just for fun”. Ok…challenge accepted.


Mate, you currently have 303 hours in this game. In a single player stealth game. How the hell is this “Not enough at all”? What other stealth single player game in the market offers as much as that?


@immadummee47 there’s also one on the other side of the shop, slightly hidden, conveniently near a rat poison


Couldn’t agree more! Something different landing every week of the month, some people just aren’t satisfied :pensive:


Didn’t watch that myself. I do quite often after completing something and wondering why my score is so bad!


Did not unlock it yet, does it get picked up by civilians/guards?


@CHAOS_AGENT_45 would be the one with the answer


Bolognese is Spaghetti lol


nah, it’s pretty underpowered. it makes noise when you throw it, forcing you to hide all bodies. it’s much faster to use a blunt melee to knock the NPCs out one by one, because the bodies don’t necessarily need to be hidden. the only time the powder could be useful is when you are making a fast exit or the impact is too far for other NPCs to hear it


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