The Shaman Shenanigans - Feb 2019 Challenge Pack


I guess they didn’t have time to make special sound effects for the powder? They just reused the explosive baseball sound.


So the Shaman’s Powder is like the Chloroform but makes noise?


concussion grenade reskin


You can’t use any of these items in PVP.


But it pops instantly upon impact… can it be ignited by BC or something… place on a door like nitroglycerin so that it becomes a booby trap that KO’s NPC’s?


I’m not sure, away from my gaming pc right now. However if you can, it would be a loud booby trap. You’d have to hide the bodies in almost all scenarios. This thing is louder than a concussion duck.


Credit to @BernardoOne .

Bottled item booby trap.


Thats great 20charashit


Remember assassins…



I seem to recall that the force from Concs can rupture Fuel Tanks? If true… we can place the Shaman’s Powder on doors with propane tanks… basically a door triggered Accident Bomb.


Unlock it and try it out. I await your report


The pleasure will be all mine. :slight_smile:


If IOI had made a survey about the reward:

Given that it goes “boom!” and attracts attention, I’m less likely to use it. I’d give a 3 stars out of 5. But I’m open to experimenting with it to see what potential it has.

Maybe if a blow-gun (a’la the gun with darts?) were included I’d be much more pleased with the rewards. But I guess that’d require making a new animation for 47.

eta: About how loud it is… Maybe if it had a much smaller radius (sound wise)… Or a larger radius of the area it affected NPCs.


Yeah, the Shaman carries one with many barrels on his back…


What, IO-I reusing assets?! PREPOSTEROUS!


I’m sure that’s a flute. Maybe 47 could play them a soothing song and put them to sleep. :smile:


If it was silent it would be overly OP because it KOs everyone within its blast radius without a body found. How easy it would make the game be and basically make bodyguards useless if it was silent.


This item already exists though in the form of the Chloroform Bottle. Just that right now it is unique to Hawke’s Bay.


Oh I know but how is that relevant to gear we can equip?


And Sgail, in the morgue.