The Shaman Shenanigans - Feb 2019 Challenge Pack


I agree, and never said it should be completely silent. Just not as loud. If guards are outside the room with closed doors - I don’t think they should hear it. If the doors were open, then it could be the same as throwing a heavy item. If I’m going to have the room stormed by every guard within a 500 yard radius then screw that. I’d rather take a few people out 1 by 1.


No problem with loud sound, just remove “silent” from description)


A concussive item like the duck yields a high percentage of getting a body found by the same NPCs being KOd thus rendering SA and the more NPCs you are KOing, the higher the percentage of losing that body found bonus (that’s why it’s balanced to make less noise) while the shaman powder can KO as many NPCs without a body found in the group being KOd. Plus the powder has a bigger blast radius. So it would be way too easy to take out targets and their bodyguards (and even other NPCs) like novikov when he goes to the kitchen to talk to the staff there. Wait for doors to close behind Donovan then throw the powder at any npc there, easy neck snap kill on Viktor without suspicion. As long as the powder hits an npc on a throw, I haven’t experienced a body found whereas if it gets tossed and explodes on ground impact, there could be so that direct hit will make it OP in situations like I described. It’s all because of the no bodies found on direct impact which would make it unbalanced had it been quieter like a concussive item.


Did anyone else waste waaay too much time on the poison challenge trying to get the green shirt hippy to drink from the Ayhusca, but a bug makes him just stand still and never move again as soon as you put on Taita’s clothes? Cos that’s what happened to me on PC. Tried saving and loading, restarted from scratch… the dude would just fucking stand there and not even look at the shaman drink.


Not sure if such an idea would be cringey or not (because reusing assets is kinda… you know)… But I think if it lands on the ground it should have the same or similar effect as Santa appearing in Holiday Hoarders. That ‘Poof’ sound seems just right, and the size of that smoke burst… (kisses fingers) Mwuah! Perfecto! :smile:


You don’t need to use consumed poison, you can use syringes as well. You can also poison cocaine lines. So find better NPCs for the challenge if one is being buggy or takes too long.

And ya, that bug happened to me too. But I went back to where the shamans body was and cane back which unlocks the guy from focusing on him for some odd reason.


Completed the last challenge last night, must say I enjoyed these a lot more than the fishy business pack in Miami, these were spread around the map and slightly more challenging, I await to try out the Shaman powder!


Yeah I know that, but I can only take 2 syringes with me, can’t I.

And don’t worry, I figured a way out in the end, I just went around the town looking for anyone who has a drink/food


OK guys… Figured out a couple of things:

  1. Shaman’s Powder can be placed (which increases its utility over say the Explosive Baseball). Unfortunately though it is too large for Door Plants unlike the Octane Booster/Nitroglycerine bottles. And I also think IOI patched out that trick where you can make NPC’s tip objects over balconies to cause reactions. :frowning:
  2. Suspicious if you are seen throwing it
  3. Does not ignite when dropped.
  4. Is not an NPC Lure when seen
  5. Causes Lockdowns and Alerts at a radius similar to a CX Explosive. This makes it a Non-Lethal way of throwing chaos in Miami that removes all the frisk zones at the main entrance and VIP areas for example without risk of killing anyone and without Suspicion if you position yourself properly.
  6. Can rupture Propane Tanks, Aquariums.
  7. Can break open Locked Doors
  8. Will instantly cause Mission Failure if 47 is in its explosive radius.


So if it’s placed, can you shoot it and it explodes?


Yes. That can work. :slight_smile:


I finally got around to playing this Challenge Pack, and I noticed there was a significant lack of contracts specifically designed for it. So I took the liberty to make one on PC to assist y’all in completing “The Hallowed Ground” and “The Altar Ritual” challenges.

"Shaman Shenanigans: Hallowed Altar"
Platform: PC
Contract ID: 1-12-4611216-29