The Slater/ First person hitman game


Just came across this, a first person hitman style game, releasing on September 20th, 2018.


Looks like very interesting


LOL! that graphic engine from 2005?
just joking…
respect to indie games


Other Finns making a game based on Hitman? :wink: Looks pretty good for an indie game tho, I’m interested.


I think they look pretty good



Sounds like everyone is voiced by one guy doing a impression on accents/dialects, or maybe a few people.

Still looks interesting


Looks like a one man team even when the Images section refers as we.

It uses the Unity Engine.


really good if they are using unity, wont get my hopes ultra high but will definitely support the devs if they put in honest efforts and love in the project :smile:


Hello everyone. You are correct it’s a one man project and I’ve created it for several years now. I’d say it’s a bit more of a puzzle game and you can’t really shoot everyone or you get killed quite quickly. Also if you alert the guards they will hunt you down until you are dead, so the focus is on not getting spotted.

All guards and some of the targets are voiced by the same actor, but the main characters are played by separate actors, there are 9 voice actors total.

And Yes I’ve used Unity. Thanks.


How many levels will the game have?


Impressive job for a one man project. I will give it a try.


really amazing work! can’t wait to play it :smile:


Great thanks. It has 6 levels and they get larger towards the end. There are some let’s play videos on Youtube already, but don’t look too closely if you don’t want to spoil the game, in case you plan to play it :slight_smile: Thanks.


here more spirit of Hitman than in HITMAN 2016!


Not really. Define “spirit”


i’ll buy. if i like it, i make some videos for my youtube channel


no Instinct Vision no white arcs of suspisious but there is dark ambients in OST and big map with moving figures in real time


I’m interested. Feels a lot like a Hitman rip off. But guess I’m ok with that.


Looks impressive and ambitious for a one man project, I’m certainly interested. Disappointing it isn’t coming out for consoles too though, namely Xbox, otherwise I’d give it a shot.