The sleeping sleuth contract

I have been having trouble trying to kill a guard on the second floor on the Thornbridge Manor level with a tranquilizer, he won’t die…placed a coin near edge, won’t fall off ledge by the ladder, this is very irritating.

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I looked up this contract and it requires using some glitch to complete it, if you shoot a target with the Kalmer and they fall from a ledge the cause of death will be “fall” not “Kalmer”.

Take a look at this video, it shows the glitch in action (although I don’t know how it actually works).


Thx, it still doesn’t make sense, I guess it is a speedrunner performing magic tricks.

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That’s just the Tranq-Gun glitch. It’s been in Hitman since H2 (when the Kalmer Tranquilizer was introduced).

When you shoot an NPC with the Kalmer and then immediately switch to a firearm and then kill them, the game only registers the legal, SA retaining dart gun shot. Not the illegal, SA ruining firearm shot (if the body is found). It allows you to openly kill NPCs.

Whoever made this just modified the kill condition to “Kalmer” hoping to mindfuck players that aren’t aware of the Tranq-Gun glitch i.e. primarily non-speedrunners. :joy:


In the video the target gets killed by a second Kalmer shot, not a firearm shot so I’m not sure it’s the glitch you’re referring to - although it probably works in a similar way?


I tried it yesterday for a couple of hours and finally gave up…“I guess I’m not a smart man”…Forest Gump.

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Nothing really smart here tbh, either you know how to do this glitch (which also seems pretty unreliable) and the mission’s easy as long as you can pull it off, or you don’t and it’s impossible. It’s basically a troll contract -_-


Oh shit, my bad. It’s like the food-kill contracts. You have to get the NPC close to death and then a non-kill/non-lethal item (like a piece of food or in this case a dart) will kill them.

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Looks like this isn’t that glitch either, I did a few tests on contract creation and Kalmer shots never killed a target at low HP (low enough for apples to kill them anyway). Shooting an already sleeping target again with the Kalmer has a rather… creepy side effect though.

According to what I saw in youtube comments, the glitch seems pretty hard to do (I didn’t find anything on how it was supposed to be done though :x ), and food kills aren’t particularly difficult once you know the required number of shots anyway.

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Not only that, based off the video, the only thing that hits the NPC is the two Kalmer shots. Very weird. :joy: