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I guess it always annoyed me how he talked to T’Pol. I mean, I guess Trip is very much meant to be Enterprise’s version of McCoy, the one who is very much guided by emotions, but in Enterprise, it comes across as Trip being not very smart and just being stubborn. Something SF Debris brings up in his Enterprise reviews that I agree with, it felt like the show, at least in the beginning, seemed to love strawmanning the Vulcans so that Archer could prove them wrong in several episodes and show off how awesome humanity.

Again though, I do need to watch Enterprise properly eventually. This is coming off from the various random episodes I’ve seen and stuff I’ve seen about the show online.

I don’t keep up with the Trek fandom and how they catergorise things, but it does seem like Lower Decks is meant to be canon. It takes place after Nemesis and before Romulus is destroyed, and so far hasn’t really done anything to contradict other Trek, that I know of. It’s actually interesting regarding Riker because him being the captain of the Titan is something that ofcourse happens at the end of Nemesis. Apparently a series of Trek books were written about Riker and his adventures as captain of the Titan, with the book covers showing off what the Titan looked like. Apparently Riker turning up in Lower Decks in the Titan makes that officially canon now.

I’ve always been more of a Trekkie than a Star Wars fan. My preferred era is the Next Generation era that encompassed the three series of the 80s and 90s. Deep Space Nine is the best in the franchise and I’ll defend it to the death, although NG had better characters with Picard, Data, the Borg, and Q. Gul Dukat of DS9 is the best Trek villain ever (Khan can suck it).

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Yeah I’m mostly the same, although DS9 isn’t quite my favourite. Lower Decks for me really helps scratch that era of Trek itch. My big hope now is that Strange New Worlds is going to be a more return to classical Trek, rather than the edgier stuff of Discovery and Picard.

In terms of news, Discovery is getting a 5th season, Picard is getting a 3rd season which I think has basically been confirmed to the last, Lower Decks is getting a 4th season, Prodigy is getting a 2nd season, and Strange New Worlds will get a 2nd season before the first has even aired. Apparently that Section 31 spin-off that has been in development hell is still kicking about. News about a spin-off centered on Starfleet Academy is in the works.

Just watched the first episode of “Strange New Worlds” and really liked it. It has the feel of what I always considered “real” Star Trek. It’s hopeful, light and breezy, and not action centric, but instead deals with ideas.
The intro for the show also reveals a “back to basics” approach.

I wasn’t overly happy with an early sequence on Vulcan and how it portrays Spock and Vulcans in general, but otherwise I felt the episode was on point.

Anson Mount is a great actor, and plays a great Star Trek Captain.
There’s a speech by Captain Pike near the end of the episode that I really loved, and reminded me a bit of the good ol’ Picard speeches.

Good times. Hopefully the show will keep this up, and be successful.


Paramount Plus is launching in the UK on June 22nd, so I have to wait until then to watch Strange New Worlds and catch up on Prodigy. Still, it is great to hear so much positive buzz about the show.

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Paramount+ saw fit to offer me a free month, so I started in on Strange New Worlds .

I’m only two episodes in and it’s already infinitely better than STD or Picard. The cast is actually likable, Anson Mount has the makings of a great captain and there’s a nice streak of Rodenberry-style thoughtfulness and optimism that gives the show some nice weight to ground the adventure. Two episodes in and there’s already been Prime Directive repercussions and an honest-to-goodness space mystery. :smiley:

It’s frickin’ classic Trek updated for the 2020s the way that TNG was updated for the 80s…the way that Discovery should have been five years ago.

I think I might finally be able to finish a season of modern Trek. :grin:


It’s 9 episodes in now, and I’m still invested. It is a traditional ST-series in that it has hits and misses, so it’s not all gold… but when it’s good it’s good.


Watched the 6 episodes of Strange New Worlds on Paramount+ that are currently available in the UK. Yeah, not sure what to say that hasn’t already been said: I really enjoyed it. I don’t hate Discovery Seasons 1 and 2, but I don’t think they are good Trek or good TV in general. So for Trek to do something that is back to basics, and in the process prove that the Trek episodic formula is not out of date and can be relevant is pretty gratifying, not going to lie. Yeah, the show might be a tad too safe, and I do worry its prequel status means that it could perhaps never become too risky, but for a first season? I’m having a very fun time, the 6 episodes have all been various shades of great, and I just love this cast of characters and want to see more of them. As somebody who doesn’t actually have that much nostalgia for TOS, I only watched TOS a few years ago, my nostalgia is routed with the movies, TNG, Voyager, it’s surprising how much SNW just delivers on mostly what I would want from Trek.

Going to watch Prodigy next. Would be awesome if I enjoy that as much as SNW and Lower Decks. And then I guess I might move onto Discovery Seasons 3 and 4 if I can be bothered. Gotta fill the next 4 weeks somehow waiting for the last 4 episodes of SNW to drop in the UK.


News from the Star Trek panel at Comic Con.

Lowers Deck Season 3 trailer is out and the show will premiere at the August 25th. Trailer looks fun, action packed, and sees the crew visit Deep Space Nine, which is pretty awesome.

Strange New Worlds big announcement is that they are doing a crossover with Lower Decks, where Mariner and Boimler somehow wind up on the Enterprise, as part of a big crossover event. A mix of live action and animation. And yes, it is directed by Jonathan Frakes.

Picard is teasing their third and final season, showing off promo pics of the returning TNG cast.

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Discovery is going to end on Season 5 next year. Possibly a victim of Paramount having to make some cuts, as it looks like all the streaming services seem to be tightening their belts. Although we also know that there are some other spin-offs in development, like Section 31 (which has been in development hell for a while now) and Starfleet Academy.

I’m not a fan of Discovery. The show had issues, especially a lot of behind the scenes issues, probably why Season 3 was a borderline reboot. Still, I’ll need to catch up on Seasons 3 and 4 and see how this ends.


So… season 3 of Picard is…kind of good. Or at least notably better than previous seasons (which is a low bar to pass, but still). Love seeing the Titan in action, and actual characters in uniform, etc. Love that the theme from First Contact is now the show theme…

Maybe I’ll end up liking this final season. We’ll see.


I’m enjoying it so far. It’s nice to see the old crew again, at least those we’ve seen so far. We know that Geordi and Deanna are going to show up eventually too. Lore and Moriarty are likely going to show up soon and be the “more powerful weapon” stolen from Daystrom too (if the season trailer is any indication).

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So that just happened… :slight_smile:

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