The state of this forum

That sounds ripe for abuse if you ask me. Closing a volatile thread until a moderator can investigate it is a more appropriate response than banning someone who gets flagged.


To bad a lot of the locked threads are still locked.

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@ampburner @Watson @Jarbinger @Kent
Maybe the answer lies in recruiting more moderators?

Edit: apparently Jar isn’t a mod but an admin. He is Trust Level “leader” though so I think he can do the same stuff. We have another mod who I havnt seen in a while, but I’m not the most active user at all.

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I agree the discussions about politics and religion are quite sensitive here. However, I think it’s amazing that the discussions here could reach further than just a video game. This shows you people (most of you) really think about something and have opinions. I’m quite amazed by the differences in discussions. From unsatisfactory blood spatter to who would be best as president. I don’t see this often, and it shows you people aren’t just some sheeps.


This is a great time to point out that Jeff Atwood, when he announced Discourse a couple years ago, called it the “Civilized Discourse Construction Kit” because it supposedly has safeguards to prevent communities from descending into chaos. I want to see how the claim holds up.

I would love to see the Funny Pictures/Video Thread reopened plz :sob:


Yeah, agreed - I wanted to post a funny video earlier but had nowhere to put it.


Make a new thread!


Never in all my time here have I seen Sketch. I’ve tried asking for him. I hope this is just a case of “life got in the way” and not “death got in the way” or something.

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It totally holds up. It’s a great tool and has made the forum a lot nicer than it was before.
Of course it’s not a silver bullet.


Oh yeah, I agree. I’ve only been here a couple of days but I can see it in action. :smile: People are pretty nice and dickery doesn’t seem to be tolerated.

Only reading this just now, maybe tag me if you’re gonna talk shit about me. Tbh i don’t care how you feel about me, we were having a fine discussion in the headturning thread, but apparently you were talking shit about me at the same time. So don’t act like you’re respectful.

Also shitty comments? They all had truth in them


@Mr.46 & @Fortheseven
I’m playing moderator bc I’m up and can’t sleep.

Guys can we just try to be cordial? Agree to disagree and let things go. It’s not worth putting stress
lines in your faces and anger in your heart. One of those things makes you die quicker and the other makes you look older.

Love you both.


I am never stressed. But if some guy starts to talk shit about me in other threads im going to respond

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Wait I didn’t realize you’re the founder.

Does Discourse itself help in encouraging nice behavior, compared to phpBB/other older forum software?

I’d like to know, at if you ever feel like discussing it, why you picked it!

I really cannot stress how irrelevant it is that you’ve decided that what you said had truth to it.

Literally everyone from those who write carefully considered and double checked posts with references to the ones who derail with just plain whacko conspiracy theories involving torrents of hate speech thinks there’ “truth in” their posts.


Hey there @Fortheseven. Actually I wrote this just before the big thread locking/closing. And before that happened, your posts were very rude and condescending to anyone who didn’t accept or agree with your logic. Saying your rude comments had truth to them only matters to you, because that’s an opinion. You had your reasons and you presented them like a prick in my opinion. I have no issues calling you out on that because I didn’t try to attack you over it, rather let you know that I wasn’t pleased. @Erico360 just proved my point by liking your comments when they present no real value or contribution to the forum aside from letting everyone know how you feel.

To be honest man, I like you because a day or two after that post I wrote about you and your “shitty” comments you actually seemed to change a bit and you were suddenly really great to get along with. Then I log on today and read this was posted 6 hours ago? I feel like it’s well behind us now but I can see that you’ve just recently read this and you feel a little betrayed because we got along afterwards.

I actually really like you now, and I used my outdated opinion of you as an example as to how we should NOT be acting on the forum.

I want peace with everyone including you. If what I said was offensive or hurtful, please know that I didn’t mean to make you feel betrayed. Neither of us have been acting negatively and I want to keep it that way. If I ever have anything else to say to you about the way we interact on the forum it will be through PM or I will at the very least tag you as you wish so that you can be aware and respond.

I’m serious, I mean no harm man.


I Just liked his comment because he pointed out that you didn’t mention him. My like doesn’t prove anything.

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I like your comment because you have honest reason for liking a comment.


Okay that’s fair then but my point is that if someone says a non-contributive comment that comes off as rude towards a particular member and someone likes it, you’re just telling the person writing the comment that you approve of the way they talk.

That can be very toxic on a social forum. Look at Facebook and YouTube. Someone says something rude, 300 people like it, now it’s the top comment.

Gotta be more positive and thoughtful.

Honestly my concern is that @Fortheseven thinks I was playing him by being nice and “talking shit” at the same time. I wasn’t, I used him as an example and then I saw a change of behaviour and I’ve had respect for him since. Simple as that.