The Statue


I’m surprised to not see any discussion of the Jonathan West statue because I’m pretty sure there’s something to it. The two women sitting on the nearby bench drop a few interesting remarks in their conversation and a lot of it seems pretty darn specific to be throwaway dialog:

This thing was long overdue for a little renovation, that’s for sure. I heard the whole thing’s hollow. And you know how there used to be this hole right in there where the heel of the shoe meets the base? I remember I walked by once and heard all this chittering and scraping so I came over and put my ear to it and hand-to-god, thing sounded like it had a whole colony of squirrels or rats or something in it. They may as well have had tenancy forms and a landlord.

I still think they should have hired an Italian master or something to redo the whole thing. Something that’d really befit the magnitude and stature of the man, you know?

I heard he choked a bear to death in a burning cabin, and before he ran out he pushed his body over some embers so that it would cook evenly. Then the starving settlers ate it and survived all winter.

My dad told me he made all his own clothes, by hand. And that after he lost his left eye in that deer stampede - the one he saved all those children from? - after that he invented the very first needle threader.

Oh do you know the thing about his teeth? People say he carved himself a set of dentures out of a slab of lustrous white marble.

You know my family’s kind of descended from him, right? On my mom’s dad’s side. They even have this old snuff box of his. A few actually. He - uh - really liked his snuff, I guess.

Well when I was in school they told us that by the time he was 5 he spoke fluent English, French, and German, and had passable grasp of Latin.

You heard the one about that robbery he stopped, right? That old bank downtown? Someone was trying to do a Bonnie and Clyde on it in the 30s, and then when they were in the vault, the door closed behind them. The tellers were tied up but they said they heard the distant ringing of an old brass handbell when it happened. Just like the handbell he used to warn the settlers.

It’s worth noting that if you look closely at the foot of the statue up on the slabs you can actually see between them, as if they are individual objects that might be movable. And it’s suspicious having a region named on the map (“Statue”) with nothing relevant there. I have a hunch it’s concealing a tunnel in some way connected to the vault in the nearby Schmidt basement.

To add to the mystery, I had been goofing around a bunch on the level last night and as I was walking west (toward the statue) on the south side of Schmidt’s house (inside the fence), I unexpectedly got a “Door Opened” notice and points, and heard an explosion. Everybody around the statue and the park across the street were suddenly on alert and the ranger said something on his radio about a possible bomb (or something like that.) The door to the shed across from the statue was open and it was clearly where the NPCs heard a noise from. I went in there and the propane tank was gone, presumably exploded.

Again with the hunches, I think I somehow triggered a door inside that shed to open and that propane tank was in the way. I’ve tried all different approaches to make it happen again (the unusual door notice OR the explosion) , or removing the propane before trying to hit that trigger spot again and I can’t seem to. At this point I’m not certain that I actually triggered the action walking in the Schmidt’s yard or if something else happened in the level (perhaps as a result of something I had unknowingly ‘set-up’ in the course of my goofing around) that made it trigger.

There’s got to be more to this statue though, one way or another. Eager to hear your thoughts…


That propane tank is either glitched or is related to easter egg.
Once when I rang bell on the bicycle behind shed it exploded.
It exploded one time when I opened some other door, not the she door.
It exploded one time when I did nothing.


The Tuk Tuk in ‘The Source’ blows up randomly too. Unless there’s an easter egg related to that as well, i’m pretty sure it’s a bug.


OK, the propane explosion may well be a bug and unrelated, but the questions about the statue remain.