The Stories of Tobias Reaper

He is like a ghost but he doesn’t know what’s coming up next…


Hahah I laughed so much with the dance and the Wile E. Coyote bit Good job!


So, who hit that man?

The floor


You will find out soon! (working on episode 2)

I am happy I made you laugh! Thank you :blush:

This was very nice. Is there a specific mod you used. It also looks as if some of the textures are also adjusted.
Plus its also incredible to see that this game is capable of alot more even after so many years.

Thank you.
I did not use any mods; the only changes I made were render with OpenGL, set FullHD resolution (maybe this changes textures a little bit but I haven’t noticed that) and few other changes to run the game correctly on modern operating systems.
I must agree with you because when I “play” with the game I find some interesting things…
…which are going to be seen in the next episode.

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The dancing was pretty good tho


well done.

I’ve always wanted to make something like this, but I always have a problem with the freecam not working properly (moves too fast)