The Story—Good or Bad?

Tbh, Haven’s ending cutscene changed my opinion about the story to almost diametrically opposed. I mean, I’m still not the biggest fan of it, but Grey becoming a villain is outstanding move.

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So I was wondering why in The Showstopper, Grey leaked out the intel to MI6, who could very well investigate his tip and possibly track him down or kidnap Novikov and Margolis and interrogate them for intel rather than assassinate them.

Perhaps Grey (and maybe the Constant) are working for/with MI6 or a group of glory-seeking MI6 agents and officials. He brings in 47 and the ICA, they’ll help him take down Providence. That’s how he passed on the intel having to worry about revealing himself and how he knew that Novikov and Margolis would be assassinated. That would make for an interesting season.


Keep in mind that grey had Olivia hall on his side, one of the best hackers in the world. She probably covered his tracks on that one. She’s not perfect though, which is how we were led to Colorado…unless that was deliberately planned by grey and hall to eliminate threats to providence (see my prediction above)

I’m more disappointed that they took that route. Making him evil and have 47 kill him is a waste of the character.

I’m glad they did it. ngl i had lost all hope to see a decent Story in a Hitman Game after HITMAN 1 + 2. 47 acts so out of Character in some of the Cutscenes What did you say, Dude who knows apparently too much about me, who I’m hunting to kill him for Money? You want to inject me with a Syringe? Sure, go on Mate! and this whole “hes my childhoodfriend” bullshit was terrible.

The “Twist” after the Haven Mission wasnt surprising to me because he double crossed 47, i was surprised that someone at IO actually tried to Safe the Story of the Game.

imo IO needs a Loremaster, someone who knows everything about the Games Stories and Stuff. Someone who tells the Writers “No, 47 wouldn’t let Mr Grey inject him with a Needle, especially not voluntary - he remembered Kovacs as “the one with the Needle”, he freaked out in the Asylum and injured Medical Staff for wanting to poke him with a Syringe and he so angry at Diana for “betraying” him and injecting him in Blood Money. Just No. Come up with a better idea.”


To me, the story gets more annoying and childish with every step towards “it was all a huuuuge ebbig plan that was going on for 20 years, all turns and ‘mistakes’ where planned ahead by the mastermind!1!!1!1!”
I hope we get back to “47, this anonymous client is paying a large amount of money to get rid of person X. No questions asked.”

Agree. Unbeliebably unprofessional for the most professional assassin in the world.


Imagine if Lucas Grey was actually hired by Amos Dexter to kill 47, to avenge his brother.

Ngl 47’s stupidity makes me cringe sometimes.

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We cannot get back to this, because plots of the previous games were basically:

The only different plot was Absolution’s. No comments.

Wow I literally never made that connection which goes to show how little I care about absolution

I still think the story has a chance at redemption because it’s been a little absurd. At least it gives some reason as to why you’re taking out the targets.
What would be perfect is how it was in ye olde Hitman 2016. You’re taking out different targets in different places not because “insert bullshit story connection from bullshit story to take out stereotypical providence member.” The targets most guilty of this are Cassidy, the Washingtons, and Savalas. They aren’t developed whatsoever outside of evil because they’re a part of this group. Rangan and Kale are interesting and incredibly well developed because you see why they’re evil and why they need to die. They’ve hurt many, many people and they’re evilness doesn’t just fall back on being aligned with Grey. Most of these providence targets are and that takes out the magic of them. Caruso is a weapons engineer who killed his mother. Yamazaki is a corrupt lawyer planning to take down the ICA. Rangan is a producer who blackmails others to do his will. Janus is an infamous Soviet spy who struggles with his age. Hell, Steven Bradley is a hot headed genius who still cares about Ljudmilla and her well-being. The Washington’s? Ken Morgan? Athena Savalas? You see nothing in the mission besides them maybe being mean to one or two people.

Honestly Grey actually being an ally would’ve been more interesting than the sudden but inevitable betrayal. Yes the memory serum was stupid and 47 trusting Grey immediately was stupid, too. But Grey as ally who has done questionable things had so much more potential. Especially since it gave 47 someone else to interact with besides Diana.

Hey maybe in the next game, Diana should betray 47. People don’t like her away since she became so self-righteous. Then we can kill her and have her replaced by fan favorite Clara. Seriousl,y sometimes I don’t understand IO.

I like Diana and I don’t consider her self-righteous. Providence and every single target (excluding Bosco and Mendola) are terrible people and/or have it coming.

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What is wrong with gifs in this cruel world

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Tbh, your post sounds like you’re joking :slight_smile:


What gave it away? For me it was the “fan favourite Clara” line.


She called out Grey for working with murders and terrorists, when she herself is working for a company that murders people for money. Sure you could argue that a lot of them had it coming but even if we ignore the previous games, where you had to kill a guy who had been tortured and whose only crime was getting caught, she still had no problem murdering people like Mendola or Bosco. So I can’t help but think that she was acting pretty hypocritical.

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Diana is so bad, she’s no match for the saintly 47 :upside_down_face:


Yeah, it’s hard to play the moral card on others when you’re in the murder-for-money business. Diana doesn’t seem to get this.