The **** STRIKES "Fraud Stories Thread"

GOOD MORNING HITMAN FORUM!!! Let me tell you what, I MISS THE 2010’s ALREADY! You wanna know why HITMAN forum? Well I’ll tell you why? When your buddy ole pal Blake went to do his usual sleepy sleep after a long night of waiting for the new LEGO Star Wars set’s to be released a little bitch that I will call “CUNT”


But fortunately a ray of red sunshine glistened over the CUNTS STUPID FUCKING FACE and said “THEE HAS PURCHASED TO MUCH! FRAUD! he yelled FRAUD! FRAUD! FRAUD! I WILL SMITE THEE FOR THIS ACTION”

all of a sudden during the slumber of Swang’s New Year’s Morning all his money went on DEFCON 1 effectively suspending his bank account and canceling all his Cards.

When the CUNT realized that he fucked up he effectively changed Swangs PSN Email temporarily locking him out so he can play as much shitty FAR CRY NEW DAWN and other SHITTY games too!

In the meantime Swang has to wait til SONY opens tomorrow to get his money back and write this out on HITMAN FORUM because he loves to tell stories especially ones about leeching, soy boy, cheese face, piss stained CUNTS who don’t wanna work a day in their own pitiful insignificant life.


-Blake “Swangtheugly” Swanger


its funny how your credit institute suspects fraud when “you” purchased shit for the PlayStation, but not when you spend your money on Legos :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyways, I hope it will all get cleared up soon and this Cunt gets his punishment :hugs:

Also, is it Blake or Balakey? :thinking:

Hmm $83 on Lego Set’s at 12:08 AM that checks out and nothing out of the usual, 2:00 AM strikes.
Hmm $247.76 in PSN Charges all occurring in a small amount of time now thats a problem.

Well since I can’t really spend my money until 5-10 business days fortunately my LEGO payment went through so I can build some new set’s in the mean time once my new card arrives. I had to cancel a date that I was going on because of this and I feel bad for the girl.

and its Block-kay

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Thats very little for Legos. yesterday i looked up the Price for Jabbas Sailbarge, they go for 200-300€. Damn AFOLs :roll_eyes:

LEGO isn’t that expensive when you attribute piece count.

Newer Sets you factor in these

  • Piece Count

  • Demand for a specific Set

Older Sets you factor

  • Demand

  • Rarity

  • Design

  • Piece Count.

  • Condition.

If you do LEGO casually like me and mainly focus on Star Wars I recommend Brick Link and or EBay if you aren’t looking for New in the Box sets from 2009. I for one can wait for specific sets, but if it’s a old LEGO IP such as Indiana Jones then that’s a different story.

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I am really sorry how things went for you and I am once more sure about never ever owning a debit card. There is a reason you find sellers of them in every shady corner of the Internet. :pensive:


I know the feeling Swang. It was a couple years ago some low-life piece of trash er, a clearly misguided individual thought it worth their while to obtain my credit card number and go on a shopping spree. Thankfully, all of the fraudulent charges were waived. All I know is that they bought or tried to order clothing from some online store and flowers from FTD. It seems like that’s how I found out about it. I had a voicemail from FTD asking to verify if I made a purchase. I called them back and tried to relay the message (they gave me an order number) but I could never get any straight answer. I even tried to call my credit card company to TRY to get a hold of a real person. I couldn’t. I called again, same outcome. THEN I get an email survey from my CC company asking if I was satisfied with my calling experience. Of course I typed in that I was trying to call about suspected fraudulent activities but could never talk to anyone. :laughing:

At first I was pretty ticked off about it, but I guess it’s more common than you’d think. In a way, that lessens the sting, not that I would feel any less like popping this person in the snoot should I ever make their acquaintance.

I can only figure that this is how it happened… Some months before I had bought a bunch of items to build my gaming rig. I used numerous hardware vendors and can only guess that one of their systems/files, or whatever became compromised… Or who knows what/how.

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I’m trying to take it in the most light hearted way as possible. Along with that I’ve been trying to gather information on who did this and have people closely watching my Account for any activity. The person
lives across the country so it’s a federal crime. I’m more upset about the idea that Sony seems to only have these type of problems in terms of security and data breaches and blatantly allows people to seize accounts and automatically change emails with no issue and warning.

Another part that bothers me is that this was planned judging by the fact that my account was compromised when Sony’s customer service is closed for the holiday. The first thing tomorrow I’m contact Sony. I did my part on my Banks end and just need to get into contact with Sony. As for the guy who did this like I said before I’m gathering information on the guy as we speak. Since the guy is out of state and doing a fine case of identity theft my parents want me to press charges on the guy if the people I’m working with can figure out the identity of “The Cunt”

Other accounts may have been compromised too, but nothing as of yet have came to light.

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This is why I use PSN credit. Never put your credit card information online for anything recreational.

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I’m currently waiting for PlayStation support to open (8PM). I spent the whole day gathering information to prove that I’m the owner of the account, with that being said I’ve been reading up on horror stories surrounding compromised account’s and how people couldn’t gain back their account. I think the worst I saw was the Guy was being threatened to be sued by Sony Of America for fraud behavior, the guy threatened a PR nightmare for them, but they checked the IP and soon realized that he was the actual owner of the account.

If you’re account get’s compromised make sure you have the following, this can vary between Xbox, Sony, Steam, etc.

  • Your IP Address. This is possibly the most effective way of gaining back your account, but if you use a VPN then you can kiss this one goodbye.

  • Serial Number of the Console you made your account on. This is really stupid on Sony’s part since this is unrealistic to the average consumer who doesn’t have the old PS3 they made their account on.

  • Payment Method and Transaction Number. simple easy, all emails and transactions traced back to you in my case 8 emails traced back to be to further give me evidence.

The Smoking Gun in all this is The Cunt who would take your account isn’t that smart and would use a different IP. Since realistically he can’t figure out your IP and mask it as his own though it might be possible. With that being said I learned for me the guy lives on the West Coast here in America which should validate that the console is mine if they check where my account logged in for the past few months.

I’ll keep everyone updated on my situation, but it’s a matter of waiting now.

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Hey Everyone,

So The Cunt decided to get my account banned, I discovered this just now when entering information on Playstation to talk to someone from support :slight_smile: .


Final Update:

Just got off with the Bank and Sony, Sony detected suspicious behavior prompting the temp ban. With that all 247.76 is being refunded and i gained control of my account.

As for the Cunt he is out there so beware.

thanks to @MrOchoa @Tetrafish_21 @Urben along with everyone else for the support in the past day!

PS. cunt got hardware banned.


Awesome News man! Glad you could deal with so quickly, thought this would take longer :+1:

LEGO: “ssssshhhhhhhhwooooooooOOOOOOOOOO…oooooooowwwwwww…sssss…shhh…”

SONY: “ssssssshhhhhhhhhwoooooOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPP… DAAAAAAAAANNNNNN!.. Hey! I don’t think I met you before! Can you believe this guy?!? Help! Somebody! I need Help!”


I don’t spend a lot on PSN so you know something is wrong when $247.76 is spent in 4 minutes on Sony Products.

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