The Superior Hitman 2 Firearm Thread

Since Alex died recently R.I.P. Alex i decided to make an all Hitman 2 Firearms Thread that actually feature all available Firearms in-game soo yea
Enjoy ( in Scandinavian accent )




Assault Rifle:

Sniper Rifles:

NPC /Not unlockable Guns:
Fusil%20G2 Gold%20sawed%20off
Unreleased Guns:
Jaeger%207%20Tuatara [] 0000000000000577
Sniper Assassin Rifles:


RS-15 sexiest AR :heart_eyes:


Yes wish they would make more of it also made a tier list creator


I wish they would too.

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Nice list. I wonder how it would look with all the HITMAN 1 reskins. Probably a lot of ARs…

And, uh, Alex… who now?

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Placing the Sieger 300 on the B tier is a crime, no, it’s a sin!


Secret tunnel inside Delgado’s garage.


Hey I like hidden valley :smirk:

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Can the Tuatara be found anywhere in game?

And weird that it’s called the X2000 Stealth but it doesn’t even have a suppressor

Also, God the MK II skins are dumb… bring back the fukn blue guns already!

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im gonna be honest, i wouldnt like the blue guns back either. just make new skins or add the Hitman logo, but i really didnt like those blue guns


They’re not the best, but we got used to them in 2016, and it’s an option which requires literally no effort on IO’s part, just renaming texture files. If people demand they actually make entirely new skins then IO goes “Oh, so we have to put effort in, yeah that’s going right at the bottom of our list then, we’re not going to do it”

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It used to be in ghost mode but since they put the prison rifle in as an unlock it mysteriously disapeared from there

and the fusil x2000 stealth didnt have a model when it was leaked it had the basic fusil g1-4 model but atleast we know it exists

And yes mk2s are dumb


I made a joke that the first guy who made the all fire arms thread died since he didnt update it and didnt incluede sniper assasin ones

Also nice idea i might put those in H2 with the save game trick and make it a category here

Gonna be honest didnt want A tier to be full of reskins

I was unsure whether “Dawood Rangan’s Mustache” was top tier or bottom tier, but then I saw Hidden Valley on the other end of the spectrum :smiley:

I’ve never seen the Fusil X2000 stealth I think, where is it? :open_mouth:

ghost mode



the most useful weapons for me are the silverballer, dax x2 covert, krugermeier, sieger 300, sieger 300 ghost, kalmer, and striker.

there is also the rude ruby which is unsilenced, making it good for starting alarms. it also has unlimited ammo making it good for combat. the custom 5mm fills in a nice little niche. having a silenced assault rifle and shotgun is fine for completing contract conditions. everything else is either a reskin or useless

Wow soo these guys can actually fit in 47s pockets like the ones from contracts intresting and its unique!

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