The Suspension is Murder bug - Hitman III

Like other bugged challenges listed by many players in other messages, I would like to report a new one, which I have not yet seen listed.
It’s the “Suspension is Murder” challenge, aka the double kill of Rangan and the Maelström with the crane, which didn’t unlock, despite multiple attempts, reload save, close and restart the game etc…
Do you also have problems with this challenge and is it on PS4 - PS5 ? Not having seen it mentioned anywhere, it would be nice to know if other people have the same concern…

This topic can be suppressed, as the bug was just resolved after a lot of numerous attempts, like Showstopper

You saying you managed to complete The Showstopper challenge?
How did you do that?

I just destroy the lightbar with the crowbar with Novikov at the end of the podium and it unlocked on the second attempt, so I think it’s maybe linked to the position on Novikov on the stage
But I had a Internet bug during the charging of the save after the first tentative, which forced me to shut down and then, restart my PS4 and after that, the challenge unlocked after I killed him a second time with the lightbar so maybe it’s linked with a network bug
Honestly, I think it’s either the position on the target on stage (maybe destroy the lightbar when he has begun to spoke) or the fact that I restarted the game between the two attempts, but I can’t say a définitive answer

I personally had no disconnections during the session, but the challenge didn’t pop up.
Well, if this is position related, I’ll try to replay couple of times. Thank you.
And another thing. I haven’t played Paris for quite a long time and forgot one moment.
Can we end the fashion show faster, not to wait 20+ minutes every time it to end?

Normally, if you subdue or kill Sato, the fashion designer, the fashion show could be ended faster, effectively.
For the position, I’m not sure at 100% it will solve this, it’s just a possibility, but it’s to try

I think if you climb close to the hoist that holds the lights, the fashion show will end quicker.

It does not tick for me neither (the suspension is murder), on PS4