The Susumu Obsession (Escalation - 16.02.2017)


Thanks to this new in-game timer I’ll never be a traitor again!


This was pretty great, honestly. Not too hard to figure out, but it’s counterintuitive to start in the kitchen – I certainly didn’t switch to that in the later levels even where it made sense because I just didn’t think of it – but the spot they moved the fugu fish to almost screams out that they meant for you to do that. It’s still viable from the suite start though, slower but more consistent. It only got frustrating when I started trying to exit the suite and bust into Dexter’s which always ended with someone spotting his body, but that plan is just inferior to a kitchen start anyhow.

And perhaps more important, it’s less than two minutes to do every level; I didn’t mind the Sticky Pistol escalation either simply because it didn’t take very long to do a level even if you had to restart and this one was similar. Farley Crescendo was easier than that one and this one, but took longer if you weren’t trying for time so it could be frustrating to screw up (though there was at least an idiot-proof method for it).


I don’t know if they were intentionally trying something different, but the design of this escalation seemed very different from past escalations to me. Each level was really short and quick, it was a true escalation without any wildcards drastically changing the goals, and it seemed geared toward being interesting to SA and optimize rather than interesting to complete through any means necessary.

I think I like it! I tend to play escalations differently than the rest of the game: I don’t go for SA. It makes it easier to rush through and prevents the repetition from getting boring. Usually, there’s still an interesting challenge. I feel like escalations are not normally designed under the assumption that most players will go for an SA rank. But this one was kind of trivial to complete if you didn’t go for an SA. And some of the complications, like moving the fish or poisoning the guy, only really acted as complications if you were trying to optimize.

But they made it so that each level was so quick that it wouldn’t have been a problem to concentrate on SA and optimization. I’d change the way that I play escalations if there were more like these.


As someone who always goes for SA, i felt there were still some unneccesary steps. Like level 3 and level 4.
Just getting the sushi in a non guarded area felt useless, and moving it 4 meters for the next level was pretty dull aswell.
Also by making that last target that guy, they forced you into killing with the sushi, which makes sense based on the previous levels, but at the same time it feels restrictive. I did like that you can play around with the starting locations. And like you said, it seemed mored based on optimization, which isn’t a bad thing per se.

Overall it was a decent escalation.


Level 3 was absolutely pointless. A much better complication would have been no pacifications.


Can’t wait to see how much different next level is Kappa.


Wow, very different, much complication.


And here’s the last one! (0:55)

This new spot for the phone works because when the poisoned guy dies, the other chef sees it and leaves the room to get a closer look.

Also there was a problem with this spot where the non-target guy is closest one to the phone during the time I call it, so he’d go for it instead of the target, but I found a little trick to delay the target, at 0:08 I stand up inmediately after getting the Fugu, so the dude sees me briefly and says his “hey you dropped something” line (apparently the game considers the I dropped the knife after getting the Fugu), which is enough to delay him so he goes for the phone.

Also you can start holding G in the wrong food and end in the right one and 47 will poison the last one huehuehue.


Amos Dexter heart attack?


Hahahaha, i didn’t know we could scare him to death :joy:.