The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


this is the thread where you spam any memes, images or videos that are Hitman related.

every month, i will edit the OP to display the meme of the month, ie the meme with the most likes that month.


Funny Pictures/Video Thread



What did I just see… How are you people able to do that?


the person who made the meme probably just moved the bodies


Referring tot he toilet video


source filmmaker.

20 characters


i just rewatched an old HITMAN trailer and i noticed an easter egg on the far left, at 0:55


What is it? I don’t understand



Oh my god!! That is fucking hilarious!!! BRILLIANT!! :joy::joy::joy:
Did you make this??

I recognize that’s actually Batesons voice too, I seen that video, I believe. Isin’t that the one where he and Vivian are together?


i didn’t make anything i posted here. i don’t have any OC lol


Slightly ashamed to admit that I made the “Bounce” video…


Bald Max Payne dancing in the background really disturbed me :frowning:


47 and Max Payne - Bald Brothers.


It’s hilarious awesome job man!!




i made a dank maymay


what kind of abomination have i made