The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


:laughing: Nice, it’s so annoying that she has to point these things out to 47. I mean if 47 is the world’s greatest assassin, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t need to be told something that’s pretty obvious.


Haha my god, am I the only one on this forum that couldn’t care less about the suits? (Besides the signature 47/Gloves)
seriously. I ask this respectfully, don’t wanna offend anyone that likes them. But really, is there anyone else here that wouldn’t bat an eye if they all disappeared, tomorrow? Lol


I like that style/fashion has been added to the game. Some of the location’s suits look really sharp, like the summer suit, Italian suit, or the Imperial Classic.

But yes, can’t beat the OG black suit + red tie.


i wouldnt miss them, as long as i get a nice Signature Suit.


Well it’s nice to see I’m not alone haha I was seriously beginning to think I was the only one.

I don’t mind it all that much. Certain locations require something different or else 47 would stand out (the Japan missions in SA and Jungle outfit in CN47) stuff like that I wouldn’t complain. But for average weather and the majority of places 47 visits, his iconic suits is perfect and is all he needs. I’m sorry, this is Hitman. Our focus should not be about fashion (47 always looks sharp in his standard suit) we should be more concerned with having more of a variety of weapons to choose from. If 47 is more concerned with clothes (which he’s not, fully) than his tools of the trade, he should retire and work for Sato as a model lol

The Assassin in Mumbai strikes me as the type of Hitman that puts a higher priority on how he “looks” rather than the job. And look at him… totally opposite from 47 haha for gods sake he couldn’t even get his sights lined up lol maybe more target practice and less time looking in the mirror buddy


I don’t think anybody would choose suits over a greater variety of weaponry. Perhaps make a poll?


Will do… we will see haha


I think that the suits are a great addition to the game, and the comical instances you can use the suits in is great, such as using the winter suit in Sapienza, or the Miami/Sapienza suit in Paris, or the clown suit in general, it’s there to add laughs and fun, and it seems to be very popular (although cowboy suit is superior. Fight me).

I also think the suits look nice in general, they add more variety to players and what I believe is contrary to most opinions, I really like the gloves.


Yeah I really like this too. I actually think of the very location-appropriate suits as a kind of maturing of 47 as a character. I know he used location specific clothing in say, some of the levels in SA, but it felt more like necessity than choice, like when the classic suit would make him stand out too much. But now, it feels like these suits are being made by choice. There’s no reason the classic suit would be particularly out of place in Marrakesh, for example, but the choice of the summer suit arrangement just looks better, and sharp as hell.


i couldn’t agree with you more. i said something similar to this and most of the forum looked at me funny. 47’s iconic suit is all i need, although suits from past games like the terminus and requiem suits are fine


Yeah, I can agree with that too. Besides the signature 47 suit (The one I wear probably 99% of the time lol) the BM, Absolution and maybe the ones you mentioned too, are honestly the only ones I care about. (I’ll admit, for nostalgia reasons) All the others…? I would gladly trade them all in for brand new weapons instead.


I reserve my right to want to look bangin’ in my summer suit.


Yes dude! My favourite suit from S1! :grin:


Definitely my favourite suit. Yakuta still number 1 though



Yeah I can’t believe they changed it in the GOTY update


Goty was fine update, but not legacy tho :neutral_face:


Every version of Sapienza’s lighting has been meh to me. The OG light I think was a little grainy, the GOTY lighting was gaudy and it made Sapienza look like a Las Vegas recreation and the Legacy lighting makes it look like a Matrix movie crossed with Fallout 3.


Revisionist history, it looked awful and hurt people’s eyes



A damn old meme format but still funny