The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread



New meme


This one in reddit is so hilarious. Props to CarlMylo.

I think I will call this piece: “Finally! Maybe next time I will punch his face instead.”


His way to deal with the loss…



This is an abomination



Enter a world of assassissassa fo dlrow a retnE


Aaahh, it’s too much. Refer to @AGENT4T7 's GIFs for exact reaction…


It took so long to collect everything - 47 minutes.


47 with hair looks a bit like Archer…

On a serious note, I would like to see a season of Archer where they become stright up assassins. I mean, they’ve been spies, drug dealers and private detectives, so why not?


To bad it’s the last season :frowning:


Isn’t it confirmed that there will be 2 more seasons after 8, but they will each be only 8 episodes. They would never have Dreamland as the last season.


When your TV only has 3 channels, so you get Netflix.


You’re right. Don’t know how I got in my head that this is the last season.


Careful, Vinnie!! Your remote control maybe poisonied!!


Why was it that random items in BM could be poisoned? I seem to remember being able to do that to shoes in the house of cards mission.


Because why not? 20 c


Dawg, It’s BM, we can do whatever our freaking mind tells us to. Where else can we kill annoying people in bird suits,crash a wedding and go to your own funeral??


Hitman 2 Silent Assassin In A Nutshell