The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread



I think, I posted this somewhere before, but it definitely belongs to this thread


Holy crap this goes on forever !

reminds me a lot like the Sonic 06 loading.


new meme


lmao, when I saw freeze’s videos I was wondering when would you do another parody :stuck_out_tongue:

Slightly disappointed it isn’t a “Fast Way to Obtain X Disguise” where you just run to the guy with a remote demo block and loud shotgun, kill him and wear the disguise while everyone is on alert :stuck_out_tongue:


Am i really that predictable? :wink:
Plus its not specifically a Freeze meme, there’s a few references in there


you do have a pattern :stuck_out_tongue:

Still waiting on a inventory showcase.

Something like

“This is a gun. It shoots bullets”
“This is a explosive, it explodes”
“See ya back next time with some more great content, introvert_ army!”


This has so much potential.

“You might have never noticed this, but this wall is actually breakable, and it leads to the lab with the virus! Now watch me going to the main square tower and getting a FE which I use to break the wall. Oh and I will use a BC to explode it, which I by the way had all the time in my inventory!”


Freeze is much smarter player than you think. He found out his greatest rival memer and struck a secret deal with him.
Now he owns the chessboard.


You LYAO but you didn’t like or subscribed to his channel. Heck, you didn’t even like his post. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


I’ve been subscribed to his channel for quite a while now lol


Well unsubscribe then resub. Cmon, man. There’s more ways to give your support than just stick bombs to plastic bottles and then shotgun them across the map to kill targets. :roll_eyes:



Kill? Those plastic bottles are gifts that I’ve send over express air mail, i’ll have you know!


##MEME OF THE MONTH @The5secondrule


Liking it 'cause Filthy Frank.



They’re two different people with (almost) the same profile picture lol


Actually, they aren’t the same. Look closely at abeg’s.


What? He joined the forum like 2 years minus two days from now.



Wtf was I looking at? Seriously. I’m worried I think I need glasses.