The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread



it’s ok though, if you recognize who he is you will be an enforcer and if he stays in your line of sight long enough he will lose his silent assassin rank.





So glad some one besides me loves this video… and this youtuber. :ok_hand:


Thanks for reminding me of this. :smiley: I love that ending: "Remember to hide the bodies, we don’t want to take a point penalty there."

Another good one.


blood money rating system


Rule No#1: don’t get yourself drunk on the Hitman forum and post shit like this.

@introvert_ the next drink is on you cheers !:beer:. :smirk:


Apologies if this ones been posted before :rofl:


Oh, shit! I hate this guy. 17 years on throne and now he is a killer


A few more pictures of our glorious president taking on 47’s job



silent assassin





I wish after every mission completion one could do a cinematic film of it. But I fear the engine can’t do that.


i don’t get it?

i hate the 20 char limit


This meme makes fun about how the update is acting like newbies have to be punched towards the task as if they are brainless. Task says to get there, popup shows what to do to vault, another UI also tells how to vault. This is atleast one too much.

For example, how to do it better, aka HL2:


i have not played the update yet but i agree with this. the new HITMAN is very handholding in general with the opportunities system and whatnot. sure you can turn it off, but it should not even exist as hitman is about using your brain. if you want a tutorial, fair enough, but don’t make every single thing so obvious. assume players can put 2 and 2 together.


They make it this easy so the new players (noobs) can understand what to do.

It’s seriously annoying that it feels a bit like a game made for people with a fish brain walking around and killing everyone if they don’t get hints how to play the game.

The real hitman veterans, the pro’s, are playing the game like they did with previous game, but now they are just there thinking it’s too easy and looking at IO thinking where is they challenge man? At least I am.