The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


I for myself am okay with this, if the game encourages more to turn off many guiding aspects of the game after finishing the Final Test. Also I am glad that the game contains alot of really hard content, especially if you compete with speedrunners or atleast with yourself.


Why tag ingrobny tho?


What i think should happen is the demo and the retail version of training level should be different.

The demo can be simple but the retail version can have the original level layout.

Eventhough, i’ve played the first training mission like 20 times but others a 100 plus time so i think a little change is ok.


I used his screenshot.


So you view yourself as a real hitman veteran and a pro? Besides that, the challenge is up to the player, which i really like.
You can make it as easy or hard as you want.


New players are newbies, noobs are just bad players.



Get a load of these memes


Facebook tier cringy memes with templates from 2013.




This makes me think; is IOI now making hitman stupid, blind and 12 year old players -proof or are the hitman fans just stupid? Cause this shit is way too much. Damn our skills are so underrated here


“use the mouse to move the camera”

“use the W A S D buttons to move”

for the love of god IOI did you really think those prompts are necessary? those movement controls are standard in every game. it’s always WASD to move and mouse to use the camera, (or with a controller it’s the left stick to move and right stick to control the camera.)

the only reason to have prompts like these is if the movement controls are actually different from the standard controls.

STOP :clap: TREATING :clap: YOUR :clap: PLAYERS :clap: LIKE :clap: MORONS :clap: IOI


I agree. Having the prompts to the button movement is quite stupid. I am yet to see the first PlayStation 4 or Xbox One box being sold with hitman inside. So there is no “this will be the first game some people play” excuse either, afaik.


Maybe some new players think that bashing your head on to your keyboard makes 47 move



##MEMES OF THE MONTH @Urben & @Niobium


You’ll be surprised but almost every game has prompts like these. Both for camera and WASD movement. It’s a tutorial for a reason.

It doesn’t have even remotely anything to do with IOI personally.



Anyone ever seen a Hitman “Smexual” themed video before, no… ?

Well here’s one I made a while ago, now you can enjoy this one along with all the other TF2 smexual memes.


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