The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


Wasn’t sure where the best place to ask this would be, but could someone please explain the “20 characters” meme to me? From what I can gather, people write that whenever their reply is less than 20 characters, but I don’t understand why. I assume it’s some kind of long-running joke :smiley:


So they don’t have to write down extra bullshit for it to fit the 20 characters


Because they do not know any other way to cheat the system to write posts with less than 20 visible characters.


because if you make a post with less than 20 chars, discourse whines at you that your post is too short, so you artificially make it longer by adding the sentence “20 characters”


@Danger_dog_guy_7 @Supernova @Niobium oh dear that seems so obvious now you’ve explained it. Can’t believe I didn’t work that out on my own. I’m an idiot. Thanks!


New weapon unlock: Selfie stick

(picture from one of @Ed_ll3’s videos)



Just updated my bio to earn the “Autobiographer” badge…


Agent 47 would be an excellent squat partner


Watching @mendietinha stream be like:



I better lock my hotel door

and close the window, not that I get surprised by 47.

What was that sound coming from the bathroom? A coin? I better check that out!


@Silverballer @Serious_Pony thanks for the inspiration for this one :wink:


When you are very tired and try to make a suit only run on marrakesh but switch to another disguise, restart the mission, and repeat the mistake!
Me right now. I hate this map, I hate my life and I hate Hugo Strandberg.


Please, call him Claus.


Why did I named him Hugo? It was very late yesterday. I’m so confused.


MEME OF THE MONTH @Happy_Squirrel



Should be Final Fantasy tbh

Good meme tho :ok_hand:


I did consider using the Final Fantasy logo at the start but decided to keep it simple instead :smiley: