The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


Well. You heard it here first, folks. Jesus was lying the whole time.


at least the plot wasnt so cliché like the rest of the games.


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Hitman 2 wasn’t cliché.


yeah, you are right. Never heard something like this before:

Hero from Part 1 retires, his Friend gets kidnapped, Hero returns to Business.


Don’t turn this thread into “piss off HMF”. I’ve had enough of all that indirect shots “cold war” you people had with one another and mainly with the mods and devs.


Hitman 1:

Hero is the best of his kind, and yet unknown to others


Hero has to break free


Hero meets handler


Hero has to find defeat four enemies


Hero returns to his rival to defeat him


ALSO: game includes breathtaking disguise system nobody can look through:


ALSO: this weird american who turns up in likely weird places


ALSO: masters all kinds of pistols and uncommon weapons



wow, now you mention it…i’m also a huge fan of Monkey Island - this cant be a coincedence :joy:


I wouldn’t call 47 a hero, and the game turns it around in the end, he abandons Vittorio.


Well to be fair,most of the premises of nowadays media are cliché. It’s the plot that starts developing as the story unravels that makes them unique.

Codename 47 still has the best story though so meh :sunglasses:


47 abandons Vittorio in order to save him, ultimately. He decides to be an assassin again. To disappear into the shadows, so his life won’t burden any more people he trusts and cares about.


But it has some of the worst gameplay and levels. AhemScarface ripoff.




We all know C47 had the best bathroom-based dialogue…


If you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time, open this link multiple times and let them all play at the same time.



True true. Also had some of the best levels.



I prefer the new sound. Fite me


Did it actually say the other clone is the shadow client? I just ddon’t see the resemblance. Maybe it’s the baldness.