The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


Lee Hong Assassination, Traditions of the Trade, and Meet Your Brother.


Now if we are talking about the BEST hitman game,not just considering the story but mostly the levels
I think we know which one wins



Not a single level in contracts comes even close to Paris & Sapienza.


I agree
Hell yeah, Contracts might have a great atmosphere, but not a single level, even reaches the Paris and Sapienza except for beldingford’s manor



Well to be fair,a lot of the missions in that game were remakes. But the atmosphere,the costant rain,the soundtrack…the ending man! The cool speech 47 does always sends chills down my spine!
Oh don’t get me wrong though,I think Hitman 2016 is definitely the 2nd best title,at least for my personal preferences. If they patched headturning and decided to go for a darker atmosphere for season 2 then it would definitely reach the 1st place.


Well, you were talking about levels.

I don’t care about that stuff at all. But sure, atmosphere wise contracts did it better. Level design (which i find the most important) wise however, Paris & Sapienza are far superior


Ahah the “U Wot M8” was a sarcastic way of being like “Don’t you dare” or something like that,jokingly of course! Yes I do agree the level design on Sapienza and Paris is far better,absolutely,but I just loved the little things in Contracts man. I can totally understand your PoV though.


FUUUUCK I DONT GET IT please telll me what is it


I have already told that here.


please tell me


Traditions of The Trade was pretty good as well. I’d love to see a level inspired by that in the next game.

Tbh they kinda went a similar route with Bangkok and A House of Cards, but I’d be down for a level like that in every Hitman game.


Two posts below the one you replied to… it’s really hard to miss it.


i saw it
and still dont get it



Meme Of The Year?
Yup,found it.


background music

Pa paaa pa pa paaa pa pa pa paaa pa pa tuu tu ruuu




Inb4 “that’s just your opinion” pic


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