The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


Thanks for that now i’m laughing like a fool here.:rofl:







MEME OF THE MONTH @Beldingford




Everyone is redoing the Elusive Targets,
And I’m just sitting here like:


For me this is still the best thing on Hitman so far


Dunno why the laughs reminded me on Mr. Bean tv series :smiley:


Right now I am actually playing the ones I missed but in a little bit it’s gonna be so relatable



Hi everyone! I’m new and found out this thread existed a short while ago. It inspired me to make this video:

I don’t know how funny or relevant the memes are, but I hope that you enjoy! :smile:

Constructive criticism is welcome.


You really hate the comic book :joy: Well, the next issue is out this week and I saw people commenting on Facebook that they can’t wait.

I feel pity for them because they show lack of any idea and knowledge about previous games.

But at this point I fear we are doomed that the original story is reboted in to this comic book crap, like the developers said that the comic and the game are connected


giphy (17)


The fact that there’s people LOOKING FORWARD to that garbage makes me a little emptier inside.
Personally,I am not gonna buy it. I can’t support this new shitty direction the story is going and I hate this new “action heroine” Diana.


This garbage is simply blasphemous.
Just an insult towards, the hitman lore, community and the games themselves.

And the “we want a John Wick-esque feel” argument just, no.
Hitman isn’t John Wick and will never be.

Then again I understand a desperate and uninformed marketing team might think it’s something that will sell. Sure. I genuinely wish that IO can go on as an independent company. However they could have simply built upon what was established.

Hitman is an open game. And there are many things yet to be explored. Yet they decided to trash it all…