The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


I remade the Sapienza intro cutscene with IRL footage from Vernazza…


Not so sure if this belongs in the meme thread, but this is awesome either way!


Is that you in the photo? I saw lots of your facebook posts on the Hitman website






No that is not me, that is an asshole who constantly bugs IOI about everything lol


I notice that. I believe the that person is in a wheelchair. But maybe I am mistaken.
I remember him from some comments way back with Absolution


I made this :hugs:


I just love how Michael Pesak has swiftly become a living meme over on r/HiTMAN…


He has earned it to be honest. It takes dedication to act like a spoiled brat so consistently!


Lol, I’m just hoping IO won’t put him into the game.


I hope they do,he is like,this NPC in this town map in his appartment,all windows closed,door locked,dirty clothes and junk food everywhere and he has lines of dialogue with parody names and such like “OI goes out of their way to ruin the game goddamn it” “When is that Trevor trev tr…ah whatever,when is that guy gonna answer me? COME ONNN” “I payed for my game,but “OI” stole my money!” “That Travis guy thinks he is so funny,well,let’s see how you react to this furious comment and to this angered emoji!” and other lines like that,all with a whiny angered voice,with the sound of him tapping his keyboard furiously. Name?Pichael Mesak.
If he spots 47 he starts refering to him as "That dubber from the game"
like “Hey what are you d-…wait…you are the va for the hitotherpeople videogames! For Agent 74! Oh…what are you doing here?Did Travis send you?”

Michael best meme in da biz


Yeah but hotheads and trolls shouldn’t be “rewarded” like that, as someone said here earlier. I bet many Hitman fan would want their name into the game.


Hmm…you have a point! That would teach people to be scumbags to get their names into the game instead of being respected members of the community on some level. Maybe Mr Pesak should just stay an internet meme.


Or just ignored.
Seriously guys, stop making unsavoury people famous.


Believe me I’ve seen much worse from other communities I’m in. Lol


It’s not really making him famous,it’s more making the guy a laughing stock deservingly. I get what you mean but,beyond this community,he is just your average dude.




Nah, I bet he’s super annoying and self-centered in his daily life too


Oh I agree,absolutely,what I meant is that beyond this community he is absolutely irrelevant so it’s not like he is famous or anything. Plus,being famous because you are a massive asshat isn’t exactly a blessing eheh