The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread



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This seemed the best thread to post this:


6.8 too much water aaaa


Banana is a leathal weapon.


Seems legit…

Had no idea Agent47 was in the latest GTAV Update.


makes perfect sense. both games are about being a hero saving the world from annihilation, which do not fit the series at all


Actually, only Sapienza was about saving the world. The first three missions and the Patient Zero campaign were typical hero stuff, but the last three missions and the bonus missions were mercenary work. Also, there are other Hitman missions where you save the world like an action hero, like Traditions of the Trade.


I love this so much, it’s literally my new favorite meme. :+1:


What a shitty meme
Why not try adding something to conversation of that thread instead of doing this?


People already did, I’m not gonna go about wasting my brilliant mind replying to a stupid suggestion. Stick to making memes


Should’ve had the hawk 21




I feel so proud, almost like I made the comic myself. This comic should be meme of the month every moth.


This is the worst thing I have ever created. I pray you can all find it in your hearts to forgive me.


haha i’ve lost two subscribers


Wasn’t meThis text will be blurred


This is to stupid not to like…here take your damn like.


Oh goddamnit. As much as I want to hate it…I just can’t. Here. Heart for you.