The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


Do you think God stays in heaven because he fears what he has created?




What a way to start 2018…




If this is a loss meme I’m not going to be happy :rage:


It’s made badly, I know. Very sorry.


Lmao. But I still did this better. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


i dont get it…

20 Questionmarks


O-T? wut

20 missing wututut


I haven’t seen yours back then, I’m very sorry! Yours is so much better :sweat_smile:


Screenshot of new gear for season 2 LEAKED!


Finally! They are so delicious,47 should definitely try them as well! Actually,while we are at it,I’m going to fix me some Tide Pod Pizza. Want a slice?


what is the joke with the tide pod? I keep seeing people say to eat them. Where is that from?


I think some kids ate them or something


It’s basically an HD remaster of the old Drinking Bleach meme


a part of me thought that was the case-but I didn’t know if I was over thinking it.


2016: Drinking bleach
2017: Eating Xanax
2018: Eating Tide PODS
Gotta love these quality memes.


2019: Eating fresh fruit and vegetables (as we look back fondly and remember life before the bombs fell)


Can’t wait for accounts like “ChocolateAubergine19” or “DrinkTomatoJuice” commenting under Youtube’s cringiest videos with whatever slow nuclear and irradiated connection they have,until people realize that we really needed them to survive by 2020. That’s when the “Eating Dead People” meme starts. Give or Take one year.