The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


Look at this duck
That I just found!
When I say go
Be ready to throw!


Humour, IOI. :kissing_heart:


Searching for Season 2…


Meanwhile, on every small youtube channel…


Bald men daddy issues


Now a smiling contest to help you decide :grinning:



@Danger_dog_guy_7 Lol just realised you stole my meme from reddit, cmon dude gimme some credit :wink:


Found it on Twitter, how would I know it was from you?

But here is your credit: :credit_card:


Wait what? :joy: Can you link me the tweet pls?

(Also thank you for the credit)


It’s been a while, I think I saw it on gypsy’s twitter? Not sure, but the reddit post was linked


Ah ok, thanks :smiley:



Lmao this is great


What really? :joy:


Lmao that’s hilarious :joy:


Lol i thought this was for real, until i noticed the number of retweets and likes. :rofl:


I never knew 47 was that flexible


You know that 47 has been hittin’ the gym. Thinner Profile=Lower Profile


Damn I wish I had that waist!


I had too much free time and made this abomination


True MLG material right here. Only 47 could accomplish such a trick shot.