The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


He needs to wear a green suit.


What an underrated video.


“Please accept my HEARTFELT apology for the mishap earlier”


i fucking love the Voice Acting from Codename 47 “dis Guy is loaded!“



Dat new hitman look doe




Talking of underrated videos this one is absolute gold, f****ing genius! :rofl:

(This may have been posted before I don’t know, sorry. Too damned good not to repost anyway.)


When u drop a bad ass new gameplay trailer, but everybody’s only talkin bout ur pre-beta face.


if only I had a better editing program and some drive, though I feel like we’d lose something special if I had either of those things.




Nevermind, joke ruined by shitty thumbnail clipping


was the guy in the picture that Cameron Dude?


Yes. 20 pig fuckerss


and is there a reason why he is a pig fucker? or is it just because all politicians are Humanskins, filled with shit?


Ehhhhh I’m not comfortable explaining it to you in a public thread, PM me or just look it up. :sweat_smile:





That was amazing. 20


The greatest meme of all time. 10/10


With all the fuz about not having the briefcase in season 1, Hitman 2 will be like