The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


Some people don’t understand the animation is the real meme here


And ICA agents were prohibited from meeting their handlers in person. Yet the first thing that happens when 47 arrives at the training facility? Diana shows him around.

I’m super sick of the retcon this franchise has undergone. Sure, gameplay delivers immensely, but I can’t stand these details.


Actually, I read Hitman 2 confrimed features topic, but I didn’t notice that.




In contracts they’re on the same plane. In Bloodmoney they meet in his shelter. In absolute shit they met a few times. In H6 they do all the time.



I dont get it


I think the first one might work better if the Hitman fan was a woman instead. I don’t understand the second one though. :thinking:


Now tbf Youtube crappy auto game identification was putting HITMAN 2016 as Hitman 2 SA constantly too lol



Now that is a nice combo :star_struck:


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Thanks for the nut buster


47 pretty hot, right?



Sauce is ‘Ultraviolet Darling’. briefing complete :wink:


Somebody said BLACKBALLER???



Do you realize that this Baller Conspiracy reaches back into 2004? In the Loadingscreen for Hunter & Hunted the Silverballers are on the Table: Scr-load12

but in the Cutscene of the same Level, the use the classic Silent Assassin Ballers:

What else are they hiding from you, Alex? #BlackballerWasAnInsidejob