The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


I saw that. Looks like the initial idea was to use the Ballers from H2 (Silent Assassin) but somewhere in between they decided to introduce the Silverballer.

So I think, since the cutscene was already done they let it that way hoping no one notice. But we did!


You want a meme, here.

@badeaguard, the ICA Silverballer is the same as the Silverballer from Codename to Absolute Shit. :grin::wink:



Grumpy Grandma


Some new fresh cooked up hitman memes #360NoScope


Well, in some way Absolution is a real Hitman


Absolution was clearly fake news.


This is just meant as a sarcastic remark towards all the Absolution haters, there is no doubt that Absolution is a real Hitman game. I’m just making memes out of the topics that have defined HMF over the years.


absolution still did nothing wrong.


Except being a Hitman game at heart.


I’ve been gone for a while,but the memeing never stops.


i dont get it
the one with the feminine


@badeaguard :smile:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: That’s a really good one.


It seems you are among the most intelligent people in the world. The global elite. Providence…



This is objectivelly inaccurate. There are many geniouses who are quite fucking useless. Having a very high IQ does not on its own predict success; only opportunity.


Hey @badeaguard they are calling you useless. Fight!


I think it’s just for fun.


Lol I know. I was joking :upside_down_face:


I literally just wanted to have the 1,000th reply. I have no memes to share with you.


I can always delete some of mine to take that away