The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


NO, WAIT! I got memes!


then THAT is the meme



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Should’ve added feminine hands :new_moon_with_face:


In the first image, the guard needed 47 to scratch an itch on his neck so badly that he held him at gunpoint. In the second image, the guard’s getting his itchy neck scratched, as he wanted, but he’s got his buddy there in case 47 suddenly quits scratching before the itch is completely gone.






What’s this story about the briefcase? I haven’t followed much.


Whenever you’re carrying a briefcase you have this button prompt to retrieve it.It’s always there

It’s slightly annoying and distracting


I see. The solution is simple. You have to select it from your inventory like in the old games and 47 will do his thing.


I still find it kind of funny that some people still want to go back to the accident system from Blood Money, even when it was stupidly broken (70 non-targets all dying from falling off the same balcony, yeah that sounds totally like a silent assassin)


Yes, but then new players will get confused, you don’t want that do you?


I can feel the sarcasm oozing out of this comment. :wink:


I didn’t get it.

(20 char bullshit)


Have you played blood money?



(20 char bullshit)


Basically in Blood Money one of your targets,Vinnie Sinistra,has this wife who…Hu…How can I say it…
She admires the brave work the poolboy does.
And you can steal the poolboys disguise to go into her room (Don’t really remember what that triggers though)


I don’t think that meme is reffering to accident system