The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


OHHHH my bad! I just saw he replied to the other meme! Lemme reiterate!


Also wanted to add a fresher one:



They did put visible fiber wire and briefcase (animation seems to be unfinished) in HITMAN 2 so that’s something.


True. That’ll keep us at bay… until HITMAN 3 announcement.


Currency system? Please don’t say you’re thinking ICA can’t provide equipments to their agents. Weapon buying system was totally bullshit and thank God they’re fixed in 2016.


When my friends ask me why I’m always broke every month.



When @Watson warned me about the wrong thing I did on the forum and told me not to do it again.



I guess “Him” is me :grin:


I prefer it that way because it’s more convent not to open the inventory. Just give people an opacity option.


You mean remove everything but you? Can do if noone did it yet.


Some one already did. Now I’m waiting for an occasion to use it


47 punch man…


47 wouldn’t assasinate it, he’d turn it into an explosive.


Or a concussive, or an proximity mine, or pyro-grenade


He would just turn it into anything, really.


He’s the MacGyver of bath tub toys really


Hehe. Maybe. But I wanted to keep the “one punch man” in there…


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